Subject: A little help

June 24, 2017
Feast of St. John the Baptist

Greetings in Christ Catholic Friends!

I hope you're having a great Summer! As we've just experienced the longest day of the year, as each day now will decrease until the Birth of Our Savior-- what a great reminder we're given in St. John the Baptist's call for us to decrease, that Jesus might increase! Lord, let it be!

Wondering if you could please help us out with four things:

1) The U.S. Bishops want your honest answer: From your vantage, how are Catholic institutions doing with young people?

Please take a moment and go HERE to fill out their survey. Yes-- be honest! If any questions don't make sense, skip them! Certainly, if you've experienced Mass Impact bless young people and families-- please share this with them also.

2) Plan on joining us for Family Emmaus taking place on the grounds of Holy Trinity on August 12. It's FREE!


3) Could you please connect with the person in your parish in charge of posters/bulletin announcements and get this easy promo for Family Emmaus going in the next week? (PROMO PAGE) If yes, we'd be very appreciative. Please reply indicating your parish:

4) If there's anything we can pray for you right now, please reply and let us know. Certainly, if you have Facebook, join in the semi-weekly prayer HERE.


Abundant blessings to you and your family.

Greg Schlueter
Image Trinity | Mass Impact

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