Subject: Saints, Souls and Christmas Presence

Dear Catholic friends who share a yearning for the Kingdom--
Happy Feast of All Saints and Souls Week!

If you're reading this now, if you've been blessed, challenged, inspired or encouraged through Mass Impact (, please consider helping us extend this to many others.

Cassandra Acree said: "IGNITE was when my faith became so real and so powerful."

Bill Noltner said: "The place was just filled with the Holy Spirit! A pivot point in my spiritual life."

Fr Dave Nuss said: "Mass Impact is a marvelous means for the Holy Spirit to rush into parishes and awaken the faith."

Peter Herbeck said: "Keep pressing on... keep doing what you're doing... you are building the Kingdom."

Walt and Liz Erickson
said: “Mass Impact is not another program, we’re about a way of life in Jesus Christ that is getting it done… that is actually transforming families and parishes. That’s why we’re involved. That’s why we give.”

Our story has been told through hundreds of weekly radio programs, multi-med
ia, events and discipleship-building endeavors.

What are we about? Our mission is not Mass Impact, Mass Impact is for the mission. We're eager to become disciples and make disciples, particularly in our homes, overflowing to our parishes and into this region. We recognize we're appointed and anointed not for another program, but a way of life in Jesus Christ.

How are we different? Bishops, pastors and Catholic movement leaders enthusiastically support us because we seek to be an answer to the BIG question following any inspiring event or program: "Then what?"

We're doing this by providing compelling, weekly resources and opportunities for families and parishes to Live IT -- that is, to Live their Image of the Trinity. Get IT?

How is this happening? This is specifically being accomplished through an integrated strategy involving:

- Weekly LIT Gathering Guide and Episode. (GO)
- Weekly IGNITE Radio Live. (GO)
- Monthly Catholic Family Gathering. (GO)
- Parish-building endeavors such as CORE MISSION. (GO)
- Spark, IGNITE and Ablaze encounters. (GO)
- Praying with Fire Conference. (GO)
- Presence for Christmas. (GO)
- Annual Family Emmaus. (GO)
- Annual LIT Marriage Mission Retreat. (GO)
- Live IT App. (GO)
- Our dynamic site and Social Media. (GO)

How do we measure success? The degree to which those involved are more engaged as disciples in their homes (95%), more engaged in their parishes (91%), and more actively engaging others in their parishes (85%).

The percentages are from a recent survey.
IT is working.

Our first mission: Live IT ourselves. As a Catholic, non-profit apostolate we have an awesome brothers and sisters on our board and various teams who, first and foremost-- are united in striving to Live IT ourselves, in our marriages, homes, parishes, and community.

This impact to literally thousands is funded by a relative few.
I'm inviting you to share in our great joy of being united as missionary disciples. Join us in not simply praying the Lord's Prayer, but availing to be His Answer: "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done." Join us in awareness that we've been blessed to be blessers.

Please partner with us. The Holy Steam driving this movement are those who contribute what they can monthly. For some, that is $1. For others, much more. Whatever the case, we need you. Those we hope to impact need you. This is a faith-filled, concrete way of building the Kingdom.

In a particular way, we're excited about our upcoming Presence for Christmas evenings -- a four-week journey into the heart of Christ's Mass, taking place four Wednesdays before Christmas at St. Joan of Arc ( Though it's a prime season for organizations to raise money, we're availing it 100% to four OTHER organizations!

Thus, this humble appeal now to please earnestly pray about joining us in seeking to build the Kingdom.

THANK YOU! Know always of our heartfelt thoughts and prayers for you, your marriage, family, parish and community!

Veni Sancte Spiritus!

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
Mass Impact




IGNITE Radio Live!
Tuesday 8pm CALL IN: 877-275-8098
"Restoration in the Wilderness"
GUESTS: Anne Marie Schlueter &
Emily Capone

Most Blessed Sacrament - Toledo
   Wed. 11/15 6:00p SPARK
Holy Trinity - Assumption
   Wed. 11/15 7:00p
St. Peter - Huron
  Tue. 11/21 6:30p | SPARK at 5:30p (REG)

4 Wednesdays before Christmas. 6:30p St. Joan of Arc
Get your free tickets and hear inspiring message from Bishop Daniel Thomas.

LIT Mission Couples Retreat | Fr. Nathan Cromly 
Saturday, January 13 

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