Subject: A truly amazing miracle...

"I have come to bring fire to the earth,
 and how I wish it were already ablaze!" Luke 12:49

Last week the birth of our nation was celebrated with events pronouncing that our one nation under God is fraying at the seams. Down at Catholic Youth Summer Camp we had been praying fervently. God answered.

The first miracle was that God, our God of the Universe, showed up. He humbled Himself in the form of simple bread... but with all His Power.  Wow. The second miracle was that a couple hundred ordinary teens with ordinary challenges, distractions and difficulties believed enough to follow. Wow.

The third miracle was unexpected, and truly amazing. Those of us who were there still have chills thinking about it. On the GROUND we were profoundly touched by His transforming presence, but we were also given a glimpse of what all that means, of what GOD SEES from ABOVE!

Take a moment now and VIEW HER this week's Live IT Episode.

As the camera follows the young people in Eucharistic procession, note what happens as they arrive. They move in and surround Jesus in adoration. Note the shape they form!  The United States of America! This was completely unplanned by us, but we believe a very powerful message of how God sees us, how He sees our nation, how we are to understand what will truly transform our marriages, families, parishes and world. 

JOIN US IN RESPONSE. On August 13 Jesus is drawing us deeper into His Heart. A multitude are coming together, led by leaders from CYSC. IGNITE Catholic Family Festival. REGISTER NOW:


GET LIT! This week put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ. Set aside time to talk and pray in your home using the Live IT Guide (HERE).

TUESDAY, July 12, 8p IGNITE Radio Live! Call in and share what God is doing: (877) 275-8098. We'll feature Brendan O'Rourke and a powerful, live moment of worship down at CYSC. Brendan will be leading our worship at the Festival.

TUESDAY, July 12, 6:30p IGNITE at St. Peter, Huron

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"It was one big, awesome Catholic family reunion!"




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