Subject: An Amazing True Story... [Rediscover Love]

THIS SUNDAY: "This is my beloved Son. Listen to him."  
Mark 9:2-10
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One Amazing 

Greetings Missionary Disciple of Jesus Christ!

First of all, a stage setter. Last year on Ash Wednesday Father Adam painted a thick, ashen cross on the forehead of our youngest, Dominic.

Noting the falling ashes covering her brother's shirt, and recalling the words, "You are dust, and to dust you shall return," Grace tugged on my wife's shirt and, with an impish grin, whispered: "Mom, he's starting to return!"

We laugh, but this our epic truth. We are all dying. We are on our way. We are in the process of returning.

How different might our lives be if we looked through this true lens, to consider what really matters? What if this lens truly informed our values and choices regarding time, talent and treasure? What if together we all lived in the truth that God blesses us that we might be blessers? 

Everything is about to change...
What are you most passionate about? If it's not evangelizing as the most natural way of life (like talking about your family, your favorite movie or sports team), it's likely we have not yet been evangelized. And the degree to which we have not been evangelized is the degree to which we're just existing. That's each of us.

The great news: we can anticipate more fully encountering Jesus Christ, for real.

If we're honest, at our best many of us merely study the Word of God, or look to it for guidance. Here's the question: When was the last time you found the Word as an occasion for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ... for real?

Until we have, it's possible we're fighting an inner battle, or have even come privately to dismiss any connection between what we profess and what we really live. It's possible we've resolved to simply be good soldiers, that our lives exhibit a "form of godliness," but lack the real power (2 Tim. 3:5) 

An amazing, true story... yours.
This Sunday we're given the amazing story of Jesus' Transfiguration (Mark 9:2-10). As it involved two brothers, I invited my oldest sons to do more than study it, to mine it for meaning, but to "go there." I challenged them to take time and open the door, to ask the Holy Spirit to put them in the seat of James and John, that they might newly, and really, encounter Jesus Christ. 

Wow. HERE is what happened, the Live IT Episode for this week. Trust me on this. I'm their Dad and can tell you - they simply can't act this well. :) Someone really went on. The fruit of that Encounter continues to flow.

So here's the thing.
That same Someone wants you. Right now. What happened with James and John (and Peter) nearly 2000 years ago was amazing enough, but just as amazing is the true story unveiling right now... as you are reading these very words: What might happen if we availed ourselves to the power of the Holy Spirit right now, that we might really, truly, personally encounter Jesus Christ in His Word and Sacrament?

Go there. He's waiting. 

This week, put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ.

United in the Great Mission of Making Love Known,

Greg Schlueter
Image Trinity | Mass Impact

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"The Ultimate Drama: God in You."
Impactful "The Ultimate Drama" talk followed by powerful testimonials by Kelly Reed, Nick De La Torre, Megan Cook and Willi Meyer.


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