Subject: Dominic (9) and Bishop Daniel Thomas [The Invitation...]

"'Well done, my good and faithful servant..." Matt. 25:14-21 (MORE)

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Dominic and Bishop Thomas...

DISCLAIMER: We have not conquered, but earnestly desire to be conquered. The great expanse between these marks our "ultimate drama" - our journey deeper in Jesus Christ. Join us. Live IT

In Peter Herbeck's words, renewal has always been undertaken by a "small, committed group of people." We're speaking to you. Setting the stage here for IGNITE Catholic Community Night

On Installation Day we were gathered as a family in our living room, watching many beloved priests and bishops process. Finally, Bishop Thomas made his way to the front. The camera zoomed in. Evidently taken in by the majesty, our Dominic (9) imparted this deep, theological insight: "It sure would stink to be the bishop and have to go to the bathroom!"  

Indeed. Amidst the laughter, there was a profound message. Our faith entails the lofty, and the lived; the Beatific and Bethlehem. Jesus was always both. One in the other. Herein is a challenge to you and me. 

I sometimes imagine how Screwtape might advise his demon-apprentice, Wormwood, about those of us who are "devout, practicing, committed Catholics" (Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis):

"It's ok if they go to that powerful event. It's even ok if they genuinely encounter the Enemy [God], and have a 'powerful experience'... so long as it stays there... in that experience, in that place, in that moment. So long as it is merely a memory, and does not change their lives. So long as it does not awaken them to their real identity in Him-- His means of outpouring Love. We can not let that happen! Keep them self-satisfied in the ethereal, so distanced from earth, that their 'faith' remains ineffectual, and their witness to the world, a disinterested, dead god!"

Set aside all organizational names and "brands." We are committed to what Jesus Christ revealed to be our identity, mission and purpose: to become missionary disciples, a community of missionary disciples. 

The various components (above) are more than "just another moment." They are strategically integrated into a movement... the very life of Jesus Christ, flowing from the Eucharist and into our homes.  25 pastors/parishes in NW Ohio and an ever-increasing number around the country are taking this up in earnest. 

Right now we invite you to join us and make one, simple commitment

IGNITE Catholic Community Night (December 1, St. Joan of Arc) is an open door into a movement. It is an uplifting evening of meal and message preceding the first IGNITE Presence for Christmas. It will be a life-changer. Right now, please commit to joining us. This is easy evangelization. Pray about whom else you might invite.

Sharing our "earth," we are operating on very limited resources. The $10/person enables us to cover meal costs and manage numbers. Financial partnership is always needed and appreciated (LINK). 

Abundant blessings in Jesus through Mary.

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
+ Image Trinity | Mass Impact Board and Team

Join us in the great adventure this week... beyond moment to a movement, to become a Holy Community we live corresponding to a Holy Communion we receive. Schedule just 30 minutes. Download the Live IT Gathering Guide. Light your Live IT Candle. Bring it to an IGNITE.

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All are encouraged to join us for this uplifting evening, featuring Fr. Mark Davis who will inspire us with the real magic of Christmas... preceding our first IGNITE Presence for Christmas.


IGNITE Presence for Christmas is a "four week journey into the heart of Christmas" through witness, Word and worship-- at four parishes in the Toledo area, and two in the Huron area. 

The $10/person admission is to cover our cost. We are grateful for underwriters and ask for your prayerful partnership. As part of the "us"-- please extend this invite to all:
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We hope you can join us. Abundant blessings in Christ to you and your family.

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