Subject: Red, White, and Blue - I'm Voting, are You? ☑️

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IANT Special Release
IANT Encourages you to Vote today, November 6!
The 2018 Midterm Elections are here! Make sure to vote, if you have not yet done so already. Not convinced? Have questions? See below!

My vote does not count!
A common misconception, but not true! Today's vote is a popular vote. In this election, millions of Americans across several states will vote for their preference for whom they think should serve them in elected office. Every single vote counts.

Why bother?
A better question is, why not? Eligible voters have the constitutional right to vote, and be heard! Many of you sign online petitions, go to demonstrations, protests, etc. Now, go and vote! Elected officials have considerable influence in maintaining the status quo, or changing it.

You've convinced me. How do I vote?
Great! First, make sure you are registered to vote by clicking here. Then, you can click here to find your closest polling place by  (Powered by Google). Just follow the instructions to navigate the menus. If you are registered, simply show up to the correct polling location with government-issued identification, and cast your vote. Most polling locations are open from 7AM to 7PM.

Who's running?
Great question. To view the most current list, please click here.

Whom should vote for?
Since IANT is a registered nonprofit, we do not endorse any party or candidate. We do, however, encourage our members who are eligible to vote to do so, and exercise their constitutional rights as Americans. 

So, go vote!

P.S. If you decide to vote straight ticket (voting for everyone in a particular party), verify your selections before submitting your vote.
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