Subject: Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form - first draft available for comments

Dear Fellow IAGR members,
Following the last email to members on 6 August 2012, I am pleased to update that the first draft of the electronic version of the proposed Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form (“MJBF”) has been developed, and a copy of the form has been posted in the Members' Portal (Basecamp) for further comments. At this juncture, as tests are still being performed on the electronic MJBF to ensure the integrity and robustness of the form, the security features (such as the encryption of data and locking of the form) have yet to be implemented in the MJBF version available in Basecamp. Upon completion of the form development, users will also be able to save the information entered into the MJBF by clicking the “save” button (a picture of the “save” button is attached for ease of reference).

Members may find the form at Basecamp, the new Members' Portal which you may access HERE .  Please select the project "Members: Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form" and locate the File posted on Wednesday, 5 September of this week.  If you have any issues accessing Basecamp or have not yet activated your account via the invitation email, please contact the IAGR Secretariat Mariah Echele for assistance at .
Once again, we wish to express our appreciation to you for taking time out of your schedules to review and offer views on the MJBF. The initiative for the MJBF can only be successful if there is general consensus on the usability of the form and broad agreement by members on having the MJBF adopted as an IAGR form.
Please feel free to email your feedback directly to me at or to Wee Lee at To cater for sufficient time to make refinements to the MJBF to be presented during the IAGR Conference 2012, we would appreciate if members could provide your views on the MJBF by 15 September 2012.
I do hope all of you are looking forward to attending the IAGR Conference 2012 in Singapore which is happening in just less than 2 months. I am very much looking forward to meeting up with all of you soon!
Best regards,