Subject: Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form - Call for Comments

Dear Fellow IAGR members,

Greetings from Singapore! I hope that many of you enjoyed the recent Singapore Conference as much as my team and I have enjoyed your company.

Following the last email to members on 7 September 2012, I would like to ask if members have additional views on the multi-jurisdictional business form (“MJBF”) which was presented at the business meeting during the Singapore Conference. For the convenience of members, the MJBF has been uploaded to the “Basecamp” members’ portal which may be accessed here.
If you have any issues accessing Basecamp or have not yet activated your account, please contact the IAGR Secretariat Ms. Mariah Echele for assistance at .

As we are embarking on refining the MJBF for adoption in the international gaming community, we would appreciate if members could provide additional comments (if any) on the form directly to me at or to Wee Lee at by 30 November 2012.

Till then, I look forward to meeting up with you again in the near future.

Take care!

Best Regards,