Subject: IAGR Questionnaire for Members and Updates from the Board

Dear fellow IAGR members,

Questionnaire for IAGR members
As expressed during the annual conference in Oslo in September/October 2013, the Board of Trustees values your opinions and we would like to hear from you in regards to your overall engagement and views on how we could work together to make IAGR a stronger association.

We have created a questionnaire to solicit your feedback on how we could further enhance IAGR's work. By completing the form candidly, you will provide valuable inputs which will enable IAGR to prioritise its focus and resources better. The questionnaire is attached in this email.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, please save it as a “pdf” document. You will then be prompted with a pop up message. Please click “OK”, and proceed to email the questionnaire to IAGR Secretary, Trude at We would appreciate if you could send us the questionnaire by Mon, 6 May 2014 so that your inputs could be discussed when the Board of Trustees meets again toward the end of May.


Updates from the Board

In line with the Board’s move to reach out more to IAGR members through more open sharing, I would like to share some of the issues that were discussed at the recent IAGR Board of Trustees meeting earlier this February. The Board hopes that IAGR members would find such sharing useful.

• Oslo Conference – The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority led by Atle has prepared a lovely video from the IAGR Oslo 2013 conference and this would be placed on the website alongside with the conference pictures. You can reminisce the lovely memories of last year’s conference and, once again, appreciate the great hospitality from the Norwegian host. The Oslo Conference photos are up on the website –

• Membership – the membership renewal activity has shown tremendous growth this year. With the enhancement in the membership structure, we now have more jurisdictions enrolling a higher number of individuals as IAGR members.

• Upcoming Initiatives: Members can look forward to greater convenience for membership renewal and enrolment in future. The Board is exploring having a new Member Application/Renewal form in PDF format to allow greater convenience and efficiency in the enrolment/ renewal process.

• Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form (MJBF) page on IAGR website –The MJBF webpage and latest form are up on the website - With the MJBF, business entities would only need to complete a single form (with relevant riders that are specific to particular jurisdictions) for submission to IAGR member jurisdictions that accept the MJBF. Other benefits of the form include: flexibility for member jurisdictions to have their own rider form to cater to unique needs, security features like password protection and built in with completeness validation mechanism. Information could also be easily extracted from the form to the jurisdictions’ licensing system. We would like to encourage jurisdictions to adopt the form and provide your feedback to us.

• Knowledge sharing groups – There are some interesting discussion topics that are already posted on the knowledge sharing groups. Some of the knowledge sharing groups would also be leading the discussions at breakout sessions during the upcoming IAGR 2014 Conference in Philadelphia and we look forward to your active participation in the online discussions and during the breakout sessions. Interested members who would like to join the knowledge sharing groups or have any suggested discussion topics could email IAGR Secretariat, Mariah Echele at

IAGR Philadelphia Conference 2014, 27 – 29 October 2014

We are in the midst of finalising the logistics and conference preparation for the Philadelphia Conference. Do block the dates – 27 to 29 October for our annual conference. We will be sending out more information on the conference and I look forward to meeting you soon.

You can expect a more detailed update in the upcoming newsletter, which we will be sending out soon.

I hope everyone is keeping well, and look forward to meeting one and all again this Fall!

Peet Mend LAU
IAGR President

International Association of Gaming Regulators, 7881 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 155, Las Vegas, NV 89117, United States
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