Subject: IAGR Notice for Proposed ByLaw Amendments

Greetings Members!

Since last year's Oslo Annual Member Meeting, the IAGR Board of Trustees has continued to focus on creating a more transparent and effective organization for the benefit of all Members.

With its annual review of the IAGR Bylaws, the Board has developed numerous proposed amendments which provide clarity and more efficient governance of operations in multiple areas, including:

  • New Payment Deadline for annual Member dues;
  • Appointment of the Association's CPA firm;
  • Quorum, Notice and Voting;
  • Office Holders, Trustees, Terms and Succession;
  • Appointment and Selection Process of Office Holders;
  • Limitations on Office and Vacancies, and
  • Nomination Process and related matters.

A detailed summary of the proposed Bylaw amendments is attached for your reference. In particular, I wish to highlight one key change with regard to the nomination of the Vice-President. After much deliberation, the Board would like to recommend to members that the Vice-President should be an experienced member who is already serving on the Board. He or she should also have the support of the rest of the Board in order to perform the role well.

Many of these proposed amendments directly impact the upcoming Nomination Process for Trustee positions. There are a significant number of Trustee positions to be filled due to term limitations and recent resignations (Kaye McDonald, and Reuben Portanier). I would therefore like to encourage members to consider early if you wish to step up to serve on the Board. If you wish to do so, please indicate your interest to any one of our Board members so we can explain to you the duties and responsibilities of serving on the IAGR BOT.

A Special Electronic Meeting and Ballot will soon be called among the jurisdictional members for the review and approval of such amendments by the Membership in advance of the October Annual Meeting. We’ve extended this document to all members, not just jurisdictional members, because we value your views. It is therefore important that you share any feedback or comments within these two weeks, before we begin to cast for votes by 31 July.  Please email your feedback directly to me at .

Following this ballot, the Nomination and Election process leading up to and conducted at the Annual Meetings will be more efficient in addressing ongoing changes to the Officers and Trustees.

As always, a complete copy of the most recent bylaws document is located on the IAGR website. The text is displayed in full as well as a PDF copy of the signed version from the most recent Annual Members meeting. You may find both available here.

We thank our members in advance for your time to give careful review of the proposed amendments. If you have questions about this matter, please contact me or any of the Trustees.

Peet Meng LAU
IAGR President

International Association of Gaming Regulators, 7881 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 155, Las Vegas, NV 89117, United States
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