Subject: IAGR Nominees for Officers and Board of Trustees

Dear IAGR members,
As follow up to the letter dated September 7, 2012 regarding the upcoming IAGR Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. (Singapore time), please see the information below.
Board of Trustees
As mentioned in the letter, the Board of Trustees is seeking to fill three Board of Trustees positions.
In the letter, it was noted that the following members have been nominated by the Board of Trustees to the Board:
(a) Dale Fuga, Chief Operating Officer, Manitoba Gaming Control Commission; and
(b) Joseph Borg, Chief Regulatory Officer, Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority.
We have since received the following nominations to the Board of Trustees:
(a) A.G. Burnett – Board member, Nevada Gaming Control Board; and
(b) Bheki Mlambo - Chief Executive Officer, Mpumalanga Gambling Board.
For your information, the following members, who were elected during the annual meeting held in Cape Town on October 26, 2011 will continue their terms of office as IAGR Trustees up to October 2014:
(a) Susan Hensel – Pennsylvania, USA
(b) Michael Sarquis – Queensland, Australia
(c) Serobi Maja – South Africa
(d) Kathleen McDonald – Antigua and Barbuda
(e) Atle Hamar – Norway
(f) Jenny Williams – Great Britain
(g) Lau Peet Meng – Singapore
(h) Birgitte Sand – Denmark
Office Holders
As indicated in the letter dated September 7, 2012, Susan Hensel, Lau Peet Meng and Mark Lipparelli have been nominated for the posts of President, Vice-President and Treasurer for 2012/2013.
However, we have since been informed that Mark Lipparelli will be stepping down as Treasurer of IAGR and Trustee. On behalf of all members, we thank Mark for his invaluable contributions to the IAGR as Treasurer and Trustee, especially his contributions during our reorganization.
In addition to his nomination as an IAGR Trustee, A.G. Burnett has also been nominated as Treasurer of IAGR for a 2 year term unless reappointed for another two year term thereafter - as provided for under Section 5.3 (4) of the bylaws. Lau Peet Meng has also been nominated as Vice President IAGR for 2012/2013 and if elected, he will become IAGR President for 2013/2014 as provided for under Section 5.3(2) of the bylaws.
The nominees for the office-holders are as follows:
(a) Susan Hensel, Director of Licensing for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and current President, IAGR - nominated as President IAGR 2012/2013;
(b) Lau Peet Meng – Chief Executive, Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore and current Trustee, IAGR – nominated as Vice President IAGR for
2012/2013 and as President IAGR for 2013/2014; and
(c) A.G. Burnett – Board member, Nevada Gaming Control Board nominated as Treasurer IAGR 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.
The biographies of the nominees listed are attached to this e-mail for your reference.
If any jurisdictional member is unable to attend the meeting but wishes to vote by proxy, please submit your proxy votes in writing to Secretary James Chan no later than 11.30a.m., October 21, 2012 (Singapore time).
The IAGR bylaws also state that “Each Jurisdictional member may designate another Ordinary Member to exercise the Jurisdictional Vote; or designate another Ordinary Member from that Jurisdiction to be the Jurisdictional Representative.” Please provide any such designations in writing to Secretary James Chan, with copies to Ordinary Members in that jurisdiction, no later than 11.30a.m., October 21, 2012 (Singapore time).
We look forward to meeting you in Singapore for our conference and annual meeting.
Susan Hensel
President, IAGR