Subject: IAGR Nominations for Trustees Due this Wednesday

If you or a fellow regulator you know is interested in getting more involved in the direction of IAGR and to contributing time and energy to making the association even better than it is today, you will be interested to know that nominations are now being accepted for IAGR’s Board of Trustees (Board).

In accordance with the IAGR Bylaws, nominations of new members to the Board may be made by any member of IAGR, including current members of the Board. Such nominations shall have a proposer and a seconder with no more than one being from the same jurisdiction as the nominee. The Board is currently calling for nominations to fill three vacancies to serve the term of office for three years. If you wish to nominate a member to the Board, please complete the attached nomination form and email it to Secretary Trude Felde at no later than April 24, 2013.

A special meeting via electronic means (as provided for under Section 4.3 of the IAGR Bylaws) will then be convened and voting by jurisdictional members will commence on May 24, 2013.

A list of all nominees will be provided to you for consideration prior to the electronic meeting. Please note the following in making your nominations:

1) First and foremost, only nominate individuals who have indicated a willingness to invest significant time and effort into being a trustee. These are working positions of responsibility.
2) Ideally Trustees attend both an annual Board of Trustees meeting held to coincide with the annual conference and a mid-year meeting usually held in another part of the world as well as participate in numerous email exchanges and multiple conference calls. Those unable to attend the meetings in person are expected to join by phone.
3) Think about geographical and membership representation in making your nominations. For example, does the individual you plan to nominate come from an already substantially represented region?
4) In order to make a nomination both you and the individual you are nominating must be paid members of IAGR in good standing.

Excluding office holders, the minimum representation of each region shall be at least one member unless the region has not produced a nominee. The regions are defined as follows:

North America (Canada/U.S./Mexico)
Central America/Caribbean/South America

No region shall have more than four members represented on the Board at one time.

The current trustees and their represented regions are as follows:

President/Trustee: Susan Hensel, North America
Vice President/Trustee: Lau Peet Meng, Asia/Oceania
Treasurer/Trustee: A.G. Burnett, North America
Trustee: Dale Fuga, North America
Trustee: Atle Hamar, Europe
Trustee: Serobi Maja, Africa
Trustee: Kathleen McDonald, Central America/Caribbean/South America
Trustee: Bheki Mlambo, Africa
Trustee: Birgitte Sand, Europe
Trustee: Michael Sarquis, Asia/Oceania
Trustee: Jenny Williams, Europe

We look forward to receiving your nominations by April 24, 2013.

Thank you
IAGR Board of Trustees