Subject: IAGR Johannesburg 2017 Call for Topics and Speakers

IAGR Annual Conference
, South Africa
Late 2017

Dear Members,

While the Conference Sub-Committee continues its work to finalize the venue and dates for this year's IAGR Annual Conference, the focus also turns to program development for the Johannesburg gathering.  The Program Co-Chair seeks your input to identify those topics and issues which are a current priority to your jurisdiction and you feel would be of interest to conference attendees.  Should the range of subjects identified exceed the available time to be included within the main conference programme, it may be that we can connect similarly interested members to make their own arrangements to pursue conversations at mutually convenient times during the time we have together. 

Conference Program Sessions & Speakers

If you have ideas for session topics, would like to be a speaker on the program or have suggestions as to who might be an interesting and willing speaker on the topic you identify, please send an email directly to Johannesburg 2017 Conference Sub-Committee Co-Chair Nick Tofiluk at with your ideas.

The session titles for the two most recent IAGR conferences are listed below as an example of subjects covered by speakers:

Sydney 2016
  • Gambling-Related Harms: How to Better Evaluate Responsible Gambling Policies
  • Social Gaming and the Convergence of Gambling and Gaming
  • Virtual Reality Gaming – the Future?
  • Role of Technology in Responsible Gambling
  • Millennials & the Regulators Challenge
  • IAGR Beginnings
  • Casino Gaming in the Asia & Pacific Region
  • Samoa
  • Changing Regulatory Approach to Achieve Outcomes
  • Sports Betting & Match-Fixing
  • Sports Betting in a Digital Age
  • Interjurisdictional Collaboration
  • Keeping Technical Standards Relevant in a Changing World

Lima 2015
  • Messages from the International Olympic Committee
  • Regulations in Peru
  • Technology and Regulation— Don’t get Uber’d
  • Match fixing, Sports and Sports Betting Corruption: Regulators, National/Sports Platforms and Interpol – A Vital Partnership
  • Changing Landscapes: “Convergent Development: How is this Challenging Traditional Regulation and Regulators?”
  • How to Build a Gambling Authority
  • Lessons from the Junket Business in Atlantic City and in Macao
  • Regulation of Remote Gambling
  • Latin America 360°
  • The Memory of Justice
  • Duty of Care
  • Do You Need to Know Your Customer?
  • Joint Cooperation Between Authorities and Industry

We welcome your suggestions as work begins in creating another successful conference experience in Johannesburg!

On behalf of the Johannesburg 2017 Conference Sub-Committee

Nick Tofiluk
Co-Chair (Program)
International Association of Gaming Regulators, 7881 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 155, Las Vegas, NV 89117, United States
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