Subject: IAGR Invitation to Join Sub-Committees

Dear IAGR Member,
The IAGR Sub-Committees are currently setting their agendas for the new year to continue the mission to foster cooperation and communication among our members.

You have the opportunity to influence the work and direction of IAGR.  Please consider dedicating your time and energy to one of the following Sub-Committees in 2015.

The Membership Sub-Committee is responsible for coordinating membership outreach with new and existing members.  Please find the Terms of Reference document here.

The Governance & Audit Sub-Committee is responsible for developing the IAGR’s governance framework including a review of the IAGR’s membership structure, its financial arrangements and the election process of Officer and Board of Trustee members.  Please find the Terms of Reference document here.

The Communications Sub-Committee aims to improve communications outside of the annual conference as a means of facilitating an exchange of information and ideas between regulators on an ongoing basis.  Please find the Terms of Reference document here.

The Conference Sub-Committee (2016) is responsible for the planning of the 2016 Conference.

The Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form Sub-Committee is responsible for drafting a multi-jurisdictional form that can be used by member jurisdictions for business applicants.  Please find the Terms of Reference document here.

The Technical Standards Sub-Committee is responsible for drawing up international technical standards that will provide a regulator’s perspective on governance principles for defining, promulgating, maintaining and managing common technical standards for gaming equipment.  The Terms of Reference document is pending.

The past year's Sub-Committee profiles may be found here and will be updated this spring once all Sub-Committees are completed.

Depending on the number of members already working in the Sub-Commitees, the Board of Trustees invite IAGR members to come forward to join 1 or 2 committees.  In order to keep the Sub-Committees operational, a limit of 10 members per Sub-Committee plus Chair will be observed.  If more than 10 members express interest in a particular Sub-Committee, the Chair will be guided by having as many jurisdictions or regions represented as possible.

Participation in any Sub-Committee will involve teleconferences, email communication and possible meetings at the IAGR conference or other regional industry events where IAGR members may already gather. 

Please contact the IAGR Secretariat Mariah Echele at if you wish to join a Sub-Committee.  We hope to have the Sub-Committees in place by end of March.

We are excited for the new energy that our members bring to IAGR and hope to tap into the broad range of experiences and ideas that you have to offer.  Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Birgitte Sand
IAGR President
International Association of Gaming Regulators, 7881 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 155, Las Vegas, NV 89117, United States
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