Subject: IAGR Draft Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form - Your Feedback is Requested

On Behalf of IAGR Trustee Lau Peet Meng

Dear Fellow IAGR members,


IAGR is seeking your input on a proposed Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form (“MJBF”), which is currently being developed. We are anxious to receive your feedback and invite you to follow the instructions at the end of this email.

As background, in January 2012, the IAGR Board of Trustees approved the formation of a Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form Sub-committee (“MJBF Sub-committee”) which has the following mandate: The Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form Sub-Committee is responsible for drafting a multi-jurisdictional business form (“MJBF”) that can be used by member jurisdictions for business applicants. President IAGR, Ms. Susan Hensel had advised that similar to the Multi-Jurisdictional Personal History Disclosure Form that IAGR developed several years ago, the MJBF would standardize the types of information certain business entities would need to submit to casino jurisdictions that adopt the MJBF.

The MJBF Sub-Committee are:

Mr. Lau Peet Meng, Chief Executive of Singapore’s Casino Regulatory Authority and Chair, MJBF Sub-Committee;
Mr. Mike Sarquis, Vice-President of IAGR and the Executive Director, Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, Queensland;
Mr. Mark Lipparelli, Chairman, Nevada Gaming Control Board;
Mr. Bheki Mlambo, Chief Executive Officer, Mpumalanga Gambling Board, South Africa;
Shawn Reid, Member, Nevada Gaming Control Board.
The MJBF Sub-Committee has decided to develop the MJBF as an Adobe Smartform in view of the following reasons:

Portability – no internet access is required for the user in filling up the form;
User-friendliness – allows the user to save the form at any stage;
Provide security to confidential information – has encryption function;
An electronic form – allows the user to update relevant sections of the form instead of completing new manual forms for new licence application/renewal;
Easy data extraction – could be extracted by the casino regulator using compatible extraction software for the purpose of data-mining; and
Able to detect incompleteness or errors – reduces the submission of incomplete or poorly completed forms.
Following inputs from the MJBF Sub-Committee members, we are in the midst of developing an electronic version of the proposed MJBF, which aims to capture applicant’s general information, track records and compliance records. In view that each gaming jurisdiction would have unique requirements which are specific to their own region, every gaming jurisdiction could create its own “Rider Form” (similar to the “Rider” provided by other gaming agencies for the IAGR Personal History Disclosure Form) as an addendum to the IAGR MJBF.
The draft Word version of the proposed MJBF is attached for your early views, and a milestone chart is depicted below for your information.

Timeline                                                        Milestones

July 2012                           Development of the MJBF
August 2012                     Seek members’ comments on electronic draft of the MJBF
September 2012              Further refinements to the MJBF
October 2012                    Share with fellow IAGR Members on the MJBF during
                                                IAGR Conference 2012

We appreciate you taking time to review the document and to offer your views on the Form. It will only be successful if there is sufficient inputs from all of you and broad agreement on its adoption. You may email your feedback directly to Peet Meng at

I look forward to meeting all of you again at the coming IAGR Conference in October 2012!