Subject: IAGR August 2015 Newsletter Available

Dear Members!

The August 2015 newsletter edition is now available HERE.  Please share our newsletter with your colleagues and staff or other relevant recipients who might have an interest in IAGR and indeed in attending our conference. 

The newsletter includes a summary of the 2015 GRAF Conference held in Zimbabwe,  updates regarding the Lima 2015 Annual Conference, an overview of the Money Laundering Knowledge Share Group, an update from The Casino Gaming Commission of Jamaica and other IAGR's notices to share in 2015.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments on how to make IAGR a resource for your organization.  Please contact me or any of the Trustees with your ideas!

     Yours Faithfully,

     On behalf of the Board of Trustees

     Birgitte Sand
     IAGR President
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