Subject: IAGR 2018 Copenhagen - Open Mic Session Invitation

IAGR Copenhagen 2018

Open Mic Session Invitation
With last year's successful debut at the IAGR 2017 Johannesburg Conference, the Open Microphone session will return to the 2018 Copenhagen program where delegates will be able to address fellow attendees about a subject or issue that they are facing in their jurisdiction. They will also be able to take questions or comments from the floor.

The Open Microphone session will be reserved for IAGR Members only.

Delegates will be encouraged to share their experiences with the speaker during networking and social times - perhaps to provide that elusive solution to the issue.

The goal of the Open Mic supports IAGR's mission to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of gaming regulation. This is a great opportunity for IAGR Members to benefit from each other's expertise.

If you want to be part of the Open Mic session, please contact the Conference Co-Chairs by September 1st so that they can plan appropriately for the session.

Trude Felde, Co-Chair ~
Birgitte Sand, Co-Chair ~

Your contribution to the 2018 Copenhagen Conference is very much appreciated!

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The IAGR 2018 Copenhagen Conference is open 
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