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  • Aircraft Tracking Savings Calculator
  • Legacy Engine Monitoring
  • Paradise Helicopter's Story
  • Iridium Satellite Finder
  • Unlocked Tracking Explained
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Aircraft Tracking Savings Calculator
Cellular IP tracking technology provides High Definition (HD) tracking at 15 second intervals and is extremely cost-effective for most. However, monthly cellular broadband and tracking provider charges mean that a minimum number of hours must be flown in cellular range for it to be cost-effective.

We've created a simple to use online cost-comparison calculator. Simply enter the average number of flying hours for an aircraft and the percentage of time it's likely to be operating within cellular range. The calculator will provide indicative cost-savings per aircraft - when compared with satellite only tracking. There's the potential to save over $4,000 annually per
AKV's ETM1000
Legacy Engine Monitoring
AKV inc has developed an Engine Data Acquisition Unit that's both effective and affordable for legacy helicopter operators. The ETM1000 monitors and records all drive train parameters and is programmed with the complete Rotocraft Flight Manual operating limitations for a variety of Airbus and Bell airframes and engines. Alert tones and visual indicators help prevent exceedances.

Watch this space for cycle counting and integration with the Flightcell DZMx!

Paradise Helicopter Image
Paradise Helicopter's Story
We take a close look at Paradise Helicopter's operation amongst the picturesque Hawaiian Islands. Paradise has been operating tours and charters in the Islands since 1997. If you were around in the 1980's the livery of their MD 500D will be familiar.

Paradise were one of the first to use hybrid satellite and cellular tracking to reduce tracking costs.
Iridium Satellite Finder Image
Iridium Satellite Finder
Find out which satellites are above you in real-time. Are they from the original constellation or are they the new Iridium NEXT satellites? 

Additional information includes their distance from you, their latitude & longitude, and their coverage area. This dynamic web page is courtesy of Applied Satellite Engineering, Inc (ASE).
Unlocked Tracking Video
Unlocked Tracking Explained
At the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) event in New Orleans, Hamish Neill from Flightcell talked with Jim Campbell from Aero-News about the concept of unlocked aircraft tracking.

Watch a short 90 second video on this subject.
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