Subject: ADS-B Tracking Implications & a Close Look at Heli-Expo ✈

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  1. ADS-B Tracking Implications
  2. A Close Look at Heli-Expo
  3. Why Cellular IP Tracking? 
  4. Looking forward to Iridium NEXT
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ADS-B Tracking Implications
ADS-B is being rolled out worldwide and it's providing greater situational awareness, traffic avoidance and improved ATC clearances. And with it comes accurate high frequency tracking.

So, does that mean your existing satellite or cellular tracking equipment may well be redundant? Or maybe it should no longer be on your shopping list? That could be the case if you are a weekend flyer, however we don’t believe that will be the case if you are involved with working aircraft. Especially military, government and first responders.

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A Close Look at Heli-Expo
Heli-Expo is a stunning showcase of the rotorcaft industry with a host of aircraft on display, new aircraft launches and glimpses into the future of the industry. 

This year it is predicted that over 20,000 people will go through the doors of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX, for HAI’s Heli-Expo event.

It’s by far the largest event of its kind and we believe it should be experienced by all rotorcraft professionals at least once in their career. Continue reading to find out why...
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Why Cellular IP Tracking?
Tracking over IP using cellular broadband data is the very latest in aircraft tracking technology.

There's more to it than just 15 second positions and lower tracking costs. We explain exactly what it is and how it works, but more importantly we uncover what it can do for you and your operation. Click on the button below to see why.
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Looking Forward to Iridium NEXT
Chances are you've heard about Iridium NEXT and you may have even seen the launch of the first 10 satellites in conjunction with Spacex. But how does it differ from the existing network and what will it mean for you? 

In a nutshell; you can expect more bandwidth, higher data rates and backwards compatibility with the existing network.
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