Subject: Avoiding Wires, Lifting Data, & Tracking Advisory ✈

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In this issue:
  • Avoiding that wire
  • Let everyone see what you're lifting
  • Commission recommends tracking
  • What's Iridium Push-To-Talk all about?
Along with some industry news, technology & upcoming events
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Avoiding that wire
In the USA over a 13-year period there were 996 wire related aircraft accidents and in Australia over a similar period there were 119. Excluding private flying and training - in both of these countries the agriculture and emergency services sectors were most affected...
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Let everyone see what you're lifting
It's like going to the gym and selected friends and family can see the weights you're lifting. Same principle but not quite so intimidating.

Flightcell has been working with Onboard Systems International to produce an on-board weighing solution that sends accurate data off the aircraft in real-time.
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Commission recommends tracking
The New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission has recently added tracking and locating technologies to its watchlist. 

The Commision said "There is an opportunity for New Zealander's to benefit from the life-saving technologies available to them".
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What's Iridium Push-To-Talk all about?
Ideally suited to the rotorcraft industry, Iridium Push-To-Talk (PTT) delivers secure low-latency group communications at the push of a button.

A portable solution is available with the Iridium Extreme PTT and an aircraft solution is available with the Flightcell DZMx
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