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Studying vs. Floundering
Are you studying or are you just staring blankly at notes? Studying is an art form. There is a correct way and there is an incorrect way to study. Ultimately, you have to find what works for you.
 Do you really know how to study? 
Memorization is the first way we retain the information we have learned. Often memorizing concepts and ideas are the first steps taken when studying. Here are some easy strategies to strengthen & improve memory:
1. Repetition is key.
2. Use mnemonic devices and acronyms.
3. Use flash cards.
4. Learn the concept a different way by teaching it to someone.
5. Continuously reinforce what you have learned/review notes for 10 min after class everyday.
6. Stop multi-tasking and FOCUS.
7. Say aloud in your own words.
8. Chunk information into small manageable bites.
9. Re-write notes. 
10. Get some Sleep!

 Good study habits start with paying attention & taking great notes in class. Despite popular belief, cramming the night before the BIG exam is not the way to ace the test. Defining a disciplined study regime, that works for you, in high school will help you in your transition to studying for college rigor. Watch the video below to find out 9 great study tips.
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