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Math can be frightening. The equations, derivatives, formulas, and algorithms can sometimes seem like they've come straight out of a horror movie. For most, math is their hardest subject in school. Often times one may wonder, "When am I ever going to use this in the real world?" However, math is everywhere, which is also kind of scary! Check out the video below to see the many applications of math that you use everyday.

Here's a real life application that's sweeter than candy corn:
The math behind saving $2,765 in 1 year!
The easiest savings plan ever.

Pay yourself first. Separate your spending money from you savings by opening a student checking and a student savings account. 

If you simply start by saving $2.00 and double it every week for 52 weeks you will have over $2,700 by the end of the year.

Here's how using the arithmetic sequence formula:
Sn= n(a1+an)/2
Sn= total ending amount
n= # of weeks
a1= amount deposited 1st week
an= amount deposited on the last week = ($2 x 52 weeks=$104)

Let's see the work:
Sn= 52($2+$104)/2
= 52($106)/2
= 5,512/2
= $2,756

Mathematics can open the doors to many promising career paths. Here are 11 careers that utilize math:
1. Computer analyst/ computer scientist
2. Fashion Designer
3. Pharmacist
4. Engineer
5.  Architect/ Urban Planner
6. Animator
7. Teacher
8. Accountant & Actuary Scientist
9.  Market Researcher & Business Manager
10. Astronaut/ Aerospace engineer
11. Cryptographer

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