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Safe, Match, and Reach
What colleges are you applying to? Are you aware of the terms Match, Reach, and Safe regarding the college interest and applying process? These are the 3 types of schools that should be on your college application list. Not quite sure what each of these terms mean, check out the explanation below.
Safe School

A college that you will certainly get into without a doubt because your standardized test scores and high school GPA are exceeding the average for admitted students.

Match School

Is likely to admit you because your grades, and standardized test scores, are similar to those of typical students at the school. Your chances for acceptance should be high.

Reach School

Is the institution where your academic credentials fall below the school's range for the average freshman. It’s a long-shot, with the slightest possibility.

With the help of College Raptors, you are able to find out which category each school on your application list fall in. Click the link below, enter the requested information and find out which schools are your match, reach, and safe schools.

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