Subject: Recommendation Letters/ Personal Statements

Recommendation Letters & Personal Statements
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During the application process to schools and scholarships, recommendation letters and personal statements may be two of the most important things to include. Check out the tips and articles below on how to write a personal statement and get the recommendation letter that is best for you.
Who should I ask to write my recommendation letter & how soon should I ask?

It's best if you ask a teacher that knows you academically as well as outside of the classroom. This lets your recommender talk about your strengths and weaknesses in their letter. As far as how far in advance you should ask, some suggest at least two weeks before the application deadline while others suggest up to one month before deadlines. It's better to give your recommender as much time as possible to complete your letter. Read More >
How do I write a Personal Statement? 

When writing a Personal Statement, ask yourself a few questions: 
  • What makes you or your life story unique (in detail), 
  • Have you had to overcome anything significant in your life, & 
  • Is there anything in your academic record that you feel may need an explanation (ex. low test scores)? Read More>
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