Subject: Important EUROPARC dates for your 2019 calendar

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Dear EUROPARC member,

It’s been a busy year again in EUROPARC but before we lose 2018, its time to announce to you some upcoming events in 2019. 

In this email will be important news about the European Day of Parks, the Siggen Seminar on youth in March, the announcement of next years’ EUROPARC Conference in Latvia 2019, the sustainable tourism Charter Network Meeting in Greece, and a great opportunity to host a volunteer American Ranger …. so please scroll down for details.

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Cette année 2018 qui s'achève doucement, fut à nouveau bien remplie pour EUROPARC et ses membres. 2019 s'annonce, elle aussi, riche en événements et en activités.

Vous trouverez dans cet e-mail, des informations importantes sur l'année à venir. On y parle de la Journée Européenne des Parcs, du séminaire sur la Jeunesse organisé en mars à Siggen, de la prochaine conférence annuelle d'EUROPARC prévue en Lettonie, de la conférence Charter Network dédiée à la Charte Européenne pour le Tourisme Durable qui aura lieu en Grèce

Vous découvrirez aussi une opportunité unique d'accueillir dans votre aire protégée un Ranger volontaire américain ... Vous trouverez tous les détails plus bas. Pour le reste, nous continuerons à vous informer avec plaisir par le biais de notre bulletin électronique mensuel ainsi que sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous pouvez nous suivre sur Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn selon votre préférence.


L’anno 2018, che si sta concludendo lentamente, è stato ancora una volta pieno per EUROPARC ed i suoi membri. Il 2019 sará sicuramente anch'esso ricco di eventi e attività.

In questa e-mail troverete informazioni importanti sul prossimo anno. Stiamo parlando della Giornata Europea dei Parchi, del Seminario sulla gioventù organizzato a marzo a Siggen, della prossima conferenza annuale di EUROPARC in Lettonia, della conferenza dedicata alla Carta Europea per il Turismo Sostenibile che si terrà in Grecia. 

Sará anche un’occasione unica per dare il benvenuto nella vostra area protetta al progetto Ranger, cui dettagli troverete di seguito. Per il resto, continueremo a tenervi informati attraverso la nostra newsletter elettronica mensile e i nostri social network. Tutti gli aggiornamenti vi aspettano su Facebook, Twitter e LinkedIn !


Este año ha sido muy ajetreado para EUROPARC pero antes de que acabe es el momento idóneo para anunciaros ya algunos de los acontecimientos que tendrán lugar en 2019.

En este correo encontrarás importante notícias acerca del Día Europeo de los Parques, el seminario de Siggen sobre juventud en Marzo, la Conferencia de EUROPARC en Letonia, la reunión de la Red de la Carta Europea de Turismo Sostenible en Grecia y la oportunidad de acoger un Ranger americano como voluntario...Más detalles a continuación.

Continuaremos informando a través de nuestro boletín electrónico mensual, así como en las redes sociales. Puedes seguirnos en Facebook, twitter y LinkedIn de acuerdo a tus preferencias.

European Day of Parks
  • 24th May 2019

The European Day of Parks is one of the biggest celebration of the valuable work that our Parks deliver for society. Every year EUROPARC selects a special aspect of that work to focus on.

This year we want to go back to our “roots” and highlight the Nature that is the foundation of our parks and the foundation of everything else such as our landscape, our culture, food production, that derives from it. In particular, there are important plants and animals that have a special significance to us, be it that they are protected due to their rarity, or that they are iconic in our stories and culture. We woud like to celebrate their role in our parks and in our lives. Our theme will be:

Our Natural Treasures.

We invite all parks to take this theme and explore important plants and animal that are significant in your place ad culture. Look at the logos of your park they often have a natural representation on them. Perhaps this is a time to work with your communities to remind them of some of the reason for the creation of your park centred around the care and protection of special plants or animals.

Given the emphasis EUROPARC has on the role of young people, though our Youth Manifesto, we especially invite you to make opportunities to involve youth in events you are planning. Give them a role to play in the celebration of European Day of Parks.

We will present some guidance and promotional material soon, but in the mean time .. please get your creative juices flowing and generate some ideas of what kinds of events you can do.

Please send us also the translation of the title "Our Natural Treasures" IN YOUR LANGUAGE and we will prepare promotional materials in your language for you.

Siggen Seminar: training for members
  • 18-21 May 2019 Travel and arrive 18th // 19th and 20th seminar // Leave morning of 21st.

Every year we are generously hosted by the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung at the excellent centre in Siggen, North Germany. Here, we invite members to an intense and practically orientated seminar examining and sharing expertise in a given aspect of parks work.

This year, continuing on from the launch of the YOUTH MANIFESTO, we will focus, in this 2 day seminar,  on working with youth. We will explore the new programme created by EUROPARC the Youth + programme and how this can be a model for working with 18-25year old in your park. 

 We will also hear from other youth programmes to gain new perspectives and ideas that will help you build a programme in your area. You will be welcome to bring your own ideas for a collective “surgery” where we can examine problems and challenges you may have and suggest solutions together.

The seminar is FREE to EUROPARC members (includes meals and accomodation), you need only cover your travel costs to Siggen.

Places are limited and you need to REGISTER HERE to secure a place. 

A full programme and details will be available in the new year.

Charter Network Meeting Save the Date!
  • 9-11 April 2019
  • National Park of Tzoumerka, Acheloos Valley, Agrafa and Meteora GREECE

For our Sustainable Destination parks and to all with an interest in Sustainable Tourism the, Charter Network meeting will take place in Greece in 2019.

A full programme and details will be available soon!

  • 24-27 September
  • Kemeris National Park LATVIA

This year’s conference was the biggest in EUROPARC’s history with over 600 delegates present- a fantastic turn out. A summary of the conference is here and the conference report will be available soon. Workshop presentations are also available .We again thank Cairngorms National Park for being our host .

If conference 2018 has whetted your apetite for networking, finding new solution to old challenges and meting you colleagues from across Europe then you NEED to be in Kemeri National Park, Latvia, September 24th to 27th for EUROPARC conference 2019!

More details will be available soon.

Liaison with US National Park Service
Volunteer position sought in Europe

Some years ago EUROPARC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the US National Parks Service to forge contacts and commuincations between European and Amercian park. We agreed to support park staff exchanges.
So in the spirit of that cooperation we have our first candidate.

My name is Nathan Ament, and I am a permanent Backcountry Ranger / Biological Science Technician at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Moab, Utah.

I would like to share my expertise in resource management, science, rescue, education, and conservation with the parks of one of our partner countries. It would be an excellent opportunity to contribute to the mission of our international park partners, be an ambassador for USNPS, and to bring back some insights and lessons for my colleagues in the U.S.
My skill set includes:
• Natural and Cultural Resources Management (air, water, vegetation, wildlife, archaeological, recreational, etc.)
• Technical Search and Rescue (climbing, mountaineering, avalanche safety, whitewater safety, aviation safety)
• Emergency Medical Services (certified Wilderness First Responder / Emergency Medical Responder since 1999)
• Scientific Research in Outdoor Environments
• Outdoor and Environmental Education (including international travel with students)
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Project Planning and Management
• Environmental Restoration
• Partnerships and Volunteer Management
• Coordinating and Supervising Field Operations
• Mountaineering, Climbing, Backcountry Skiing, Whitewater Rafting, Mountain Biking, Four Wheel Drive / Off-Road Motorcycle, Snowmobile
• Self-guided international travel to 21 countries (North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia)
• Basic Conversational Spanish

We have Nate’s full CV and details, If you woud like to offer Nate this unique opportunity, please get in touch with EUROPARC and we will pass his details to you.

I hope Park’s in Europe can find space in their fantastic places and work to share , learn and collaborate with colleagues from the United States.

EUROPARC Executive Director,
Carol Ritchie

Waffnergasse 6, 93047, Regensburg, Germany
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