Subject: Only 10 Days Left to Prepare...

Don't Miss out on MSM Week 6

Hi Friend,

It's Holy Week, and the Great Day of Grace is just around the corner. It's not too late to prepare, spread the message, and ensure that everyone in your life receives the mercy Christ is offering them. This week:

  • Learn how Divine Mercy is likened to a "second baptism"

  • Is confession necessary on Divine Mercy? Listen as a licensed theologian answers this FAQ

  • "The next day her son quit Heroin"... Dr. Bryan Thatcher relates a mother's Divine Mercy Sunday miracle

  • And much more!

Let's Jump In

1. Make The Splash

A Promise is a Promise

Father Stefan Starzynski of the Diocese of Fairfax, Virginia explains how the grace offered on Divine Mercy is more than a plenary indulgence, it is likened to a “second baptism.” Trust in the promise of remission of all sin and punishment and celebrate!

2. Dive Deeper

Explore the Depths of Mercy with Joan Maroney and a a Licensed Theologian

Joan Maroney and Kevin McCarthy discuss and answer perhaps the most frequently asked question among both laity and clergy regarding the obligation of Confession on Divine Mercy Sunday. In the process, more is revealed about the beauty and power of this sacrament and its relation to the Feast of Mercy and how clergy might address the subject with his congregation. 

3. Be Revived

True Stories - True Mercy

A Miracle of Mercy for the Mother of a Heroin Addict

Dr. Bryan Thatcher unexpectedly learned a big lesson about the promise of Mercy Sunday through a mother who sought and received God's healing for her son, and then came back to thank the Lord. 

4. Get on the Map!

Planning a Celebration for Divine Mercy Sunday?

Christ desired His image be venerated publicly by as many as possible and for everyone to know about the Feast of Mercy. If your parish is celebrating in some way, let those in your area know!

5. Join Millions Around the Globe:

The Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena

"By this Novena (of Chaplets), I will grant every possible grace to souls"

The Novena Begins Good Friday!

Click the appropriate button to be added to the Divine Mercy Novena group. The novena prayers will be delivered to your inbox each day

Special Presentation:

The Passion of Jesus, The Divine Mercy Revealed in the Shroud of Turin

Don Nohs has had a devotion to the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Face of Jesus since he was a young boy. Over the last 30 years, he has given an estimated 1000 presentations across the United States and Canada on the Passion of Jesus as witnessed in the Shroud of Turin.

Don’s presentation opens our eyes and hearts to the excruciating pain and suffering Jesus endured, helping us to better understand and appreciate the depth of His love and gift of Divine Mercy.

Get the Word Out!

Post these notices on your parish websites, social media, emails, texts, and in your bulletin:

The Feast of Mercy is Next Weekend! Take Advantage of the Greatest Day of Grace!

Easter is actually an 8-day feast. Next weekend we celebrate the reason the Lord came to earth, suffered, died, and resurrected – to redeem our souls. On this day, the “greatest day of the feast” all sin and punishment can be wiped away by those who worthily receive the Eucharist, trust in the Lord’s mercy, and are merciful to others. What could be a greater gift?? The Lord also generously answers many prayers. Every family needs God’s mercy. Every family should be taking full advantage of what the Lord is offering the whole world at this time. 

See for more information. 

Extra Extra Read All About it!

The Greatest Day of Grace is RIGHT around the Corner

These Flyers are Perfect for Easter Sunday...

Divine Mercy Sunday Flyer

Printed on high-quality magazine sheen paper, this attractive 8.5 x 11 double-sided flyer makes spreading the good news about the Feast of Mercy easy. Everything one needs to know is covered and simply explained, including how Jesus asked St. Faustina for this special day when it was proclaimed and named Divine Mercy Sunday by John Paul II, when it is to be celebrated, the graces the Lord promises on that day, and what one has to do to receive them.

Everyone Should Know it is Divine Mercy Sunday – These Flyers Do the Job!

It’s not too late to order these informative flyers for distribution between now and Mercy Sunday. Get creative! Hand out before Mass, distribute to the school children, youth, and all parish groups. Do whatever you can to make sure all are aware of the tremendous graces available on Divine Mercy Sunday.

Order HERE in English

And HERE in Spanish

Visit the Divine Mercy Sunday Department of our online store for a variety of other products to prepare for and celebrate the Feast of Mercy.