Subject: Divine Mercy is At Your Door

Igniting MSM Week 5

Hi Friend,

There are only 16 short days to go until Divine Mercy Sunday! This week, we will:

  • Explore how Divine Mercy can be received, no matter your situation 

  • Answer your top 10 questions on Divine Mercy with the experts

  • Listen as an Act of Family Consecration saves a brother's life

  • And much more!
                                                 Let's Jump In

1. Make The Splash

Preparing for the Greatest Day of Grace Part 4:

What if I Can't Recieve Communion?

Divine Mercy Sunday is a Day of Great Grace for everyone who wants to receive it. Joan and Dave explain just how to garner as much grace as you can no matter your situation.

2. Dive Deeper

Explore the Depths of Mercy with Dave, Joan & Fr. Chris Alar:

Top Ten Questions about Mercy Sunday

There are lots of questions and misunderstandings about Divine Mercy Sunday. Father Chris Alar, MIC and Dave and Joan Maroney of Mother of Mercy Messengers answer the top ten questions about the graces available, and what you need to do, don't need to do, and should do to receive them for yourself and others too.

3. Be Revived

True Stories - True Mercy

Loren Dachary’s Family Consecration Miracle

“I’m certain my brother is alive today because I had included him in the Act of Family Consecration to The Divine Mercy I had done some months earlier.” 

Understanding Divine Mercy:

Published by the John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy

This document, published by the John Paul II Institute for Divine Mercy lays to rest any doubts on the theological validity of Divine Mercy Sunday.

The most in-depth analysis ever written of the graces of Divine Mercy Sunday was provided for the Vatican in the 1970s by Rev. Ignacy Rozycki, STD, a leading expert in Poland on the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, who also served as a member of the International Theological Commission for the Holy See. Fr. Rozycki devoted nearly ten years of his life to the task of making a thorough and systematic study of St. Faustina’s writings.

The results of his research were written in French: a massive tome of 500 pages which was presented to the Vatican as part of the official investigation into Sr. Faustina’s life and virtues by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Understanding Divine Mercy contains the entire section of Fr. Rozycki’s work relating directly to the extraordinary graces of Divine Mercy Sunday is provided. 

References also include Pope St. John Paul II, Karl Rahner, Joseph DeSainte-Marie, O.C.D. SJ, Archbishop Justin Rigali, and Robert Stackpole, STD, Director John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy.

Download now to get one of the best understandings possible of the extraordinary graces offered to you on Divine Mercy Sunday!

Get the Word Out!

Post these notices on your parish websites, social media, emails, texts, and in your bulletin:

Time Sensitive Notice! Only Two Weeks to the Greatest Day of Grace – Be Ready

The first Sunday after Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday, the greatest day of grace of the year. Official Church teaching states that those who receive the Eucharist with trust in God’s mercy on this day in the state of grace (meaning you have been to Confession and are without mortal sin) and are being merciful to others as the Lord is merciful to you, will obtain COMPLETE forgiveness of all sin and punishment. It is likened to a second baptism! In addition, Jesus promises, “ALL the divine floodgates through which grace flow are opened.”

This is the day to ask the Lord with trust for all kinds of blessings, healings, reconciliations, etc. Go to to learn more. 

The Marian Fathers Have Some Great Ideas on How to Enhance Your Mercy Sunday Celebrations

Check out the 8 simple recommendations the Fathers have put together for you here

Extra Extra Read All About it!

The Greatest Day of Grace is RIGHT around the Corner

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Divine Mercy Sunday Flyer

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