Subject: Mercy Sunday Momentum: Exciting Others for the Great Day of Grace

Get on Board with MSM Week 4

Hi Friend,

The momentum for Mercy Sunday is building. This week we hope to help you answer some important questions to ensure the Feast is as stupendous as possible for your family and parish.

  • Are you able to explain why Mercy Sunday is when it is?

  • Can you share the good news of the graces available on the Feast and how to receive them?

  • Do you have the materials you need for Mercy Sunday celebrations? 

  • Have you gotten information in your parish bulletin and website about the Divine Mercy Novena that begins on Good Friday? 
                                                 Let's Jump In!

1. Make The Splash

Preparing for the Greatest Day of Grace Part 3:

How to Obtain the Awesome Gifts of Mercy Sunday

For over twenty years, Dave and Joan Maroney have shared the message of Jesus, The Divine Mercy under the auspices of the Marian Fathers. Here’s a quick lesson from them on the graces of the Feast of Mercy and how to obtain them. Spread the good news because that is what the Lord wants all of us to do!

2. Dive Deeper

Explore the Depths of Mercy with Fr. Michalenko, MIC:

The Scriptural Significance of the Eighth Day of the Feast of Easter

You’ll be amazed at Fr. Seraphim's discoveries regarding the significance of the eighth day of a feast, the Feast of Dedication of the Temple, the Lord’s desire for the Feast of Mercy, the Second Coming, and more. Dive into the Scriptures with Fr. Seraphim and come out with a remarkable understanding of the greatest day of grace.

"This message needs to be spread far and wide"

                                                                  -Fr. Serpahim

3. Be Revived

True Stories - True Mercy

This Hurricane Experience Will Blow You Away

Trusting in Jesus doesn’t mean you will never face hardships, but it does mean that you will always be kept in the palm of His hand. Margaret Bieser describes how the Lord used people, times, and circumstances to lead her family to safety and new life in the midst of hurricane Katrina.

Mercy – The Message of Easter

An Explanation of the Significance of the Eighth Day

This article by Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, is like the notes he used for his lecture posted in this week's Dive Deeper segment. Once we understand the significance of the Octave, we can more assuredly trust in the complete message of Easter.

"What good is it to put these days on our calendar and call them 'great feasts' if their meaning is not realized in our lives?

-Fr. Serpahim

Originally circulated as a pamphlet for many years, we provide it here as a simple document. Read. Learn. Share.

Now is the Time

Get this post to your parish staff so it can be included in the Palm Sunday bulletin!

Join millions of faithful around the globe in the Divine Mercy Novena beginning on Good Friday.  The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is prayed for 9 days, with these intentions in mind:

Day 1- all mankind, especially sinners

Day 2- the souls of priests and religious

Day 3- all devout and faithful souls

Day 4- those who do not believe in Jesus or do not know Him yet

Day 5- those who separated themselves from the Church

Day 6- meek and humble souls and souls of children

Day 7- souls who especially venerate and glorify Jesus’ mercy

Day 8- souls who are in purgatory

Day 9- souls who have become lukewarm

Make it Easy - Receive the daily prayers via email or text. Go to and choose the Divine Mercy Novena

A Festival of Mercy

For the Entire Parish

Ed and Nan Weber of Holy Family Ministry Center in West Texas join Dave and Joan Maroney to share Mercy Sunday celebration ideas. Hear the inspiring story of how all the organizations in Weber’s parish came together to make the Feast of Mercy a spirit-filled festival for the entire community.

And Finally, Let's Go Shopping!

Visit the Divine Mercy Sunday Department of our online store for a variety of products to prepare for and celebrate the Feast of Mercy.

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Divine Mercy Novena and Chaplet Pamphlet

Be ready for the Novena of Chaplets (of Divine Mercy) that begins on Good Friday. This pamphlet consists of instructions on how to pray the Chaplet and the specific prayers for each day of the novena. Available in English and Spanish.

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The Divine Mercy Adoration Companion

Everything you need for a Mercy Sunday holy hour is contained in this thoughtfully compiled booklet by Mother of Mercy Messengers. A brief introduction to St. Faustina, adoration hymns and prayers, and a Guide to Confession, supplement the well-rounded selection of prayers from the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska.

Take a look for yourself here 

Also available in Spanish here

Act of Consecration of the Family to The Divine Mercy prayer card

The number one prayer petition the Church receives is for family members outside the faith. With that in mind, we highly recommend distribution of this beautiful prayer card that does two things: 1) ensures everyone receives an image of The Divine Mercy as Jesus had asked; 2) provides a divinely inspired prayer of Consecration of the Family to the Divine Mercy. 

Available in English and Spanish in two sizes and in bulk here

The Divine Mercy for America Prayer Guide

Pray for America, or your country, this Divine Mercy Sunday!

Did you know that there are over 20 passages in the Diary of St. Faustina about praying and sacrificing for her country to appease God’s anger for its ingratitude and sinfulness? The Lord wants us to pray for our countries and in turn the whole world. The Divine Mercy for America prayer guide makes doing so in the manner of St. Faustina easy. 

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