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Learn how YOU can prepare for the Greatest Day of Grace

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Let's dive deeper into Divine Mercy! This is the greatest day of grace available to the Church. Learn what it's all about from the experts, what it means for our world, and how you can join in the celebration!

1. Make The Splash

Preparing for the Greatest Day of Grace, Part 1:

WHY MERCY? WHY NOW?- What is the greatest day of grace? What does it all have to do with our world today? Dave and Joan Maroney cover it all in under five minutes

2. Dive Deeper

What is Divine Mercy? Explore with the Experts:

In the midst of a world of sinfulness, terror, and despair our Heavenly Father has given us the solution to our brokenness in The Divine Mercy.  Dive into the heart of this message with world-renown MIC experts Fr Chris Alar, Fr. Mark Garrow, Fr. Joe Roesch, Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, Fr. George Kosicki, CSB, and Dr. Scott Hahn to be renewed in the knowledge that we have not been abandoned by our Heavenly Father but indeed blessed with this time of mercy.

3. Be Revived

True Stories - True Mercy

Check out these two life-saving stories! First, get the inside facts on what Jesus, The Divine Mercy had to do with the emergency landing of a packed airliner on the Hudson River in 2009. Then listen to how one devotee used the image of Divine Mercy to save his home against the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, the deadliest and most destructive storm of 2012.

Want to Hear More from Fr. Seraphim Michalenko?

Learn Why Divine Mercy is so Important

Father Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, served as vice-postulator for North America in St. Maria Faustina's canonization cause. He is recognized as the leading expert on the Divine Mercy message and devotion.

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Prepare for The Greatest Day of Grace Coming Soon:

 “Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy.”

We want to make sure our entire parish is aware of the tremendous graces offered to the whole world on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 24th this year. Jesus told St. Faustina, "This Feast emerged from the very depths of My mercy, and it is confirmed in the vast depths of My tender mercies. Every soul believing and trusting in My mercy will obtain it. "  Go to to join the momentum, get inspiration, and help others discover the gift of Divine Mercy Sunday. 

And Share This Resource Video with Your Pastor to Get Everyone on Board!

Father Gordon Reigle, a pastor from East Lansing, Michigan, uses every opportunity to share the message of Divine Mercy throughout the entire year. Learn how he does this and how it prepares his parishioners well for the Feast of Mercy and experiencing Divine Mercy every day. 

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The Iconic Divine Mercy Message & Devotion Booklet

Looking for a “Cliff Notes” edition to the Diary of St. Faustina? This is it! This little booklet has easily introduced millions to the Divine Mercy message. Providing quick access to the prayers and devotions, this “primer” is the go-to for all devotees.

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Mercy Sunday Promotional Flyers

Start building momentum for the Feast of Mercy now with the help of these attractive and informative flyers. Also available in Spanish.

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Divine Mercy Home Enthronement & Family Consecration Kits

Follow Fr. Gordon Reigle’s example and encourage parishioners to enthrone Jesus, The Divine Mercy as King of Home and Family. Purchase in bulk or ready-made kits.

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