Subject: Partnering in Ministry

December 19, 2019 ◊ Issue 14
Columbia Union Conference Territory
Partnering in Ministry
Like an athlete in a crowded stadium or a musician in a great concert hall, this chapter of ASI choses to close out the year 2019 by pausing to reflect on the great arena in which God has placed us to serve and minister — the Columbia Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Throughout this year, we have highlighted the awesome ministry of individuals that are the embodiment of the ASI mission. They represent Christ in magnificent and significant ways in the marketplace, impacting people throughout this region and around the world. By God’s divine plan, this Union has served as the home base of these and other faithful marketplace and ministry ambassadors, and as such, represents our God-ordained context for ministry.

Established in 1907, the Columbia Union coordinates the church work in the Mid-Atlantic states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Within the eight conferences in the territory are more than 840 diverse churches and companies with nearly 140,000 members attending. This Union supports these conferences administratively as well as two healthcare networks with 13 hospitals; 100 schools, including a college and a university; 180 Adventist Community Services centers; five book and health food stores, and eight camps. Each year, within the union dozens of programs and projects help to alleviate human suffering—locally and globally—and provide healing and hope.

And so here we are … strategically placed by God to further the gospel of Jesus Christ in this Mid-Atlantic region. As we consider our level of service for the new year, let us not only make our presence felt in the marketplace but let us also seek out the initiatives of our local church, conference and Union, and be a part of the solution. We thank the administrators, staff, clergy, and laypeople of this great Union for providing a consistent, orderly, and supportive context for ministry. We pray that God will continue to use us in marvelous ways as we respond to His last-day call.
— Mark Brown, president, ASI Columbia Union; Source: 2020 Columbia Union Calendar
We now have arrived at the end of another year. As is often the case, it is during these closing days and weeks that our minds revisit the ups and downs, victories and failings, things started and not completed, and the fulfilling accomplishments that define this year.

As we take this retrospective journey, if done from the grateful perspective of a child of God, we will undoubtedly see His presence every step of the way. As He promised in His Word, He has provided for our needs and, because He is so good, has even included some of our wants. He has provided strength when we were weak, encouragement when we lacked courage, direction when we weren’t sure where to go, and at times even pierced the darkness with His marvelous light.

For those who have had a wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling year, I celebrate with you and praise God for the joy you have experienced. And for those who had an unusually trying year, I wrap you in the loving arms of God and those of your ASI Columbia Union family. Whatever the case may be, please know that through it all, God has one thing in mind, and that is to save us in His kingdom. May our joys strengthen our resolve to trust Him, and may our sorrows draw us closer to His loving side. My prayer is that we will sense His presence in every situation and, as we move toward a new decade, that we all will be ushered into a deeper relationship with God.

In closing, as we embrace the energizing and purposeful spirit of ASI, I encourage us all to take some time during this holiday season to prayerfully identify what you want God to do for you in the new year, as well as what you want to do for Him. As we draw closer still to the coming of Jesus, He has new vistas for us to survey, more Holy Ghost power to impart to us, new territories for us to conquer for the kingdom. This great work of the gospel is in its final stages, and it will end with a blaze of glory! As we move into this new year, let’s prepare to be an active part of this final push to fulfill the Great Commission – wherever God places us, in whatever way we can. Have a happy holiday season and let’s get ready for a wonderful 2020!

Your fellow servant,
Mark A. Brown, ASI Columbia Union President
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ASI Columbia Union
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We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God. 
— 2 Corinthians 5:20, New International Version
April 24-25, 2020 — ASI Columbia Union Spring Convention, Living Hope SDA Church, Haymarket, VA.  
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Our mission is to obey the Holy Spirit’s call to encourage, empower and equip Adventist members of Columbia Union to work together to finish God’s work in these times in harmony with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
ASI Columbia Union Board: Mark A. Brown, president; Zubin David, vice president for membership; Sharon Pruitt, vice president for spiritual development; and Daniel Reed, vice president for projects, missions and evangelism
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Sponsor: Celeste Ryan Blyden, vice president, Columbia Union Conference
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