Subject: His Plan Made Her Business

November 14, 2019 ◊ Issue 13
His Plan Made Her Business
Elethia Dean will tell you her business has brought the “utmost happiness, joy and fulfillment as a Christian,” but it wasn’t her original idea for a career path.
For 10 years, Dean has been chief executive officer of ASC Compliance, LLC. Her company specializes in helping ambulatory surgery centers meet federal, state and accreditation requirements. For those centers and hospitals that have been cited or received shut-down notices from regulatory agencies, Dean assists them in achieving full compliance.
Her Ohio-based company serves clients “from Washington state to Florida, Texas to Maine and all states inbetween,” she said.
“Each of these opportunities led to measurable improvement in healthcare at the end of our projects,” she said.
Dean originally planned to be in the healthcare industry. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a master’s in business administration and doctorate in organizational management. She worked a variety of jobs for 30 years from data analyst to director of nursing before opening her business. She’s learned that business and ministry has nothing to do with her and “when you make the focus of your business about God and meeting the needs of His people, your success will be guaranteed,” she said.
It’s led to opportunities like being a keynote speaker in Indonesia, Jamaica, Australia and Trinidad. She’s also joined the faculty of Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, a nonprofit that works to improve ophthalmic care globally. The organization flies to developing countries offering education with the help of professionals from nurses and doctors to biomedical engineers.
“God calls for us to be willing vessels and as long as we allow Him to move in our lives He can make our lives much better than we ever imagined,” Dean said. 
— Michele Joseph, managing editor, ASI Columbia Union newsletter
Networking at Nova HomeWorks
Engaging conversation, new connections and delicious food could all be found at ASI Columbia Union's Oct. 24 networking event. Members and interested guests enjoyed the hospitality of Daniel Reed, vice president for projects, missions and evangelism for ASI Columbia Union and the owner of Nova HomeWorks, a flooring company based in Sterling, Va. ASI Columbia Union's networking events are an opportunity to share ideas, encourage each other in our mission for Christ and meet new business and ministry contacts. Stay tuned for details on the next event.
Can you believe it? The holiday season is upon us, a time for reflections of gratitude, family gatherings, and deliberate acts of kindness for loved ones and strangers alike. As we, the ASI Columbia Union family, look back over the year, I am sure that our collective stories cover the spectrum of the human experience – amazing growth, new experiences, advancement in careers, new business opportunities, as well as the loss of loved ones, failed ventures, broken relationships, hopes unrealized for yet another year. But in all of this, I encourage us all to recognize this one truth – God has been faithful! 

Whether we have seen the bright side of our walk with the Lord or if it appears that we have been more in the shadows than in the light, please know that the truth of the matter is God has been with us. When He promised in Hebrews 13:5 that He would never leave us or forsake us, God was providing the context in which we are to traverse all of life’s experiences – with the assurance that He is right there with us. It is His being there that affords us the privilege of drawing from His strength, whether it punctuates the exhilaration of a joyous experience or envelopes us with sustaining comfort in the midst of trial and tragedy. 

As we assume the posture of ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace, with its inherent potential for promise and pain, triumph and tragedy, wins and woes, let us go forward with confidence, knowing that an Almighty God who is for us is always with us. And as you move into the holiday season, I encourage us all to closely examine the content and context of our experience and find God there. For in finding Him, we will see that in both the sunshine and the shadows He has loved us like only He can. May this give us a reason to celebrate during the holiday season, and may it excite our outlook for the future.

As always, I encourage you all to remain engaged in serving God and man. Continue to watch our calendar of events, and let’s stay excited as we honor God in our daily lives.  Blessings.

Your fellow servant,
Mark A. Brown, ASI Columbia Union President
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