Subject: Court Services eNews - May 2015

Directors Desk - Peria Duncan
Greetings...and welcome to the very first edition of Court Services eNews, the Alachua County Department of Court Services' electronic newsletter. Our goal is to educate, inform and share best practices of the programs we offer in pursuit of ensuring that every person arrested in our county receives all rights afforded them by law. Alachua County is blessed with an outstanding court system.  Still, our motto is no matter how good we are we can always be better. So, settle in a few minutes and enjoy the read and please be sure to let us know what you think about it!  
Department Overview - What We Do and How We Do It! 
The Department of Court Services has a long history of providing an effective continuum of supervision and treatment services for people under the jurisdiction of the County and Circuit Courts of Alachua County. We offer several levels of community supervision for those who can be safely released back into the community. How many of our programs do you know about?
Our Judiciary - The Eight Judicial Circuit.
There are twenty judicial circuits in the State of Florida and the number of judges per circuit, as you might expect, varies based on the population and caseload of a particular area. To be a circuit judge a person be an elector of a county within the circuit and have been admitted to the practice of law in the state for the preceding five years. 
North Central Florida Safety Council (NCFSC)
NCFSC has been promoting safety and health via programs, safety classes and educational materials in our community for more than 30 years. Classes include basic and advanced driver Improvement; the Drug, Alcohol and Traffic Education Course; and the DUI Program (Level I, Level II, and Supervision) for the 8th Judicial Circuit. Need a hardship license after a DUI or Refusal charge? They can help.
National Drug Court Month - This month the Alachua County Drug Court joins more than 2,900 Drug Courts nationwide to celebrate National Drug Court Month. During the month, thousands who entered the criminal justice system with substance addictions facing...

Corrections/Detention Employees Appreciation Week - Giving Thanks 
- The first full week in May is  recognized as National Correctional Officers' Week to honor the work of correctional officers and personnel nationwide. Our BOCC did it in style with a proclamation honoring them.

Behind Closed Doors
-  What's happening around Court Services?Catch up on all the birthdays, new employees, great news and upcoming trainings.

Correctional Statistics, Reintegration into the Community,and Recidivism  -
The number of people incarcerated in the United States grew steadily for nearly 30 years. That number has been slowly decreasing since 2008, but as of 2012 there were still over 2 million...

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