Subject: Support and special meditation for the Central American Refugees

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Good day,
Please read this article for details on the “Migrant Caravan” and how you can materially support our brothers and sisters from Central America seeking a safer, better life:
Below is an ongoing daily special meditation for these people by Donald (Don) J. Simon healer, author and team leader with Common Passion. Thank you Don!
You will help make a difference by doing this 20-minute silent meditation from wherever you are. The intent for this heartfelt meditation is to create transformation in the highest and best good for the Central American countries experiencing widespread poverty, corruption, and violence. It is primarily these conditions that cause people to leave their home country. This includes Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Panama.
When we meditate together, the power of your meditation is greatly amplified. Also ask your family and friends to join in. Our heartfelt meditation also has a ripple effect for all people in other countries on Mother Earth also experiencing similar conditions.
Here is a suggested outline for this meditation. Please do once a day or more, at your own time. You may also choose to include it or something similar in your regular daily meditation:
Simply sit on the floor or a chair. Take a few gentle deep breaths and exhale completely each time. Then allow yourself to imagine heartfelt peaceful, harmonious conditions in these countries. These thoughts can take any form you can imagine.
If any thoughts about unrelated things come up, allow them to pass by, like a cloud.

At the end of 20 minutes, offer gratitude for the new conditions being created.  Then take a few deep breaths and exhale fully.  Then open your eyes slowly and stand up and stretch. suggests our hearts have magnetic fields about 5,000 times stronger than our brains. Also, when we imagine in detail the peace and harmony, while holding attention on our hearts, we are creating these conditions in the quantum field of universal energy.
Thank you for taking the time to help make this world more harmonious and peaceful by participating in this special meditation and giving generously to our sisters and brothers in need.
All the best,
Joseph Giove and the Common Passion Core Team

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