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- June 2019 -
In June
What about stretching your rays
for going further,
radiating more,
meeting others
and connect with them
as free beings 
as  sun with another sun
with your friends
with your parents
with your children
with your neighbors.

Philippe Hannetelle and Annick Brofman will teach a Level 2 Intensive together
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The symptom of the month : Addictions

Addictions or dependencies can point to tensions in different chakras, depending on the nature of the addiction. Although one usually considers addiction linked to substance abuse, the difficulty is not with the substance, but rather the addictive personality, and the chakra involved with the dependency gives a clearer idea of the true nature of the addiction.

A keen enjoyment of something does not equate to an addiction, though some might see it as one. An addiction is measured by the difficult emotions a person feels when they do not get what they want. The intensity of the difficult emotions shows the degree of the dependency. If the person does not feel bad when they do not get the substance, they are not addicted.

The anticipated effect of the “substance abuse” gives a clue to the chakra involved. For example, if the liver is affected with alcohol abuse, it is related to the solar plexus chakra, and issues of power, control, or freedom. Tension in the solar plexus is often experienced as anger or holding on to control. The person is unhappy about something happening in their life, and feels that they do not have the power to do anything about it – and the alcohol is used as an escape.

Because the effect of excessive marijuana use is to not be really present in the here and now, it can be associated with the root chakra, and tensions regarding money, home, or job – though since it also might result in a sense of isolation and not being connected with others, it can also be seen as involving crown chakra tensions. It is important, again, to see what was going on in the person’s life when the symptom began and what the person was unhappy about and wanting to escape from.

Because heroin abuse is so highly illegal, it points to crown chakra tensions in the person’s relationship with father / authority as a key to the dependency, as well as a sense of isolation and unhappiness in life, and the person unhappy enough to consider dying.

With cocaine, in addition to possible crown chakra issues there may be solar plexus power and/or control issues, since it’s use inflates one’s sense of personal power.

Since cigarette smoking is said to result in problems with the heart and lungs, it represents tensions in the person’s heart chakra and the area of relationships in their life, and some degree of discomfort about being loved and feeling loved.

Connecting to each others as sun to sun
Connecting to each others as sun to sun is the most balanced, delicious and respectful experience ever.

When you are free, you don't need to prove it, you live without worrying other’s opinion, you know that you can carry out your projects, no one decides for you unless you want to include the person's opinion in your decisions.
In the same way, you see the other as a free person. You know that they can carry out their projects, you see them as powerful, free of their decisions.
You are not trying to impose your values, you are offering the other what you want for yourself, respect.
A sun does not tell another sun what it should do, or say, or how it should behave.

Even in the education of our children, connecting as sun to sun is so much more effective.
We can choose to see them as suns who have come to realize their dreams, their goals. They are free and our role is to help them find their path and teach them to interact with their peers like suns, with respect and full recognition of each other's freedom.
Parents and teachers are not there to control but to protect and guide the child towards the achievement of their goals.

The nation is responsible for ensuring the protection of everyone, everyone's interests and everyone's freedom.

People who see their neighbours with profound equality, be it their neighbours, their parents, their children, their pupils, their teachers, are the ones who attract the most respect from others and who contribute to the balance of this world.

We cannot talk about freedom without including Karma.
For me, Karma is like the sign of the infinite, the yin and the yang, the alchemist who leaves to live his adventures and returns to the starting point.
Karma is this perpetual movement that is set in motion by our list of goals, dreams, it is the path to the fulfillment of all these goals, absolutely all of them. On the way, the glue that allows the great orchestration of life to remain in balance is love, love is the acceptance of freedom and the absolute power of every being.
So we set off on an adventure and on the way, life reminds us that we are equal, that no hierarchy exists between us. If we see someone greater, they are necessarily showing us what we can do. This is what all life's teachers do, from parents to teachers, masters of all disciplines. Our experiences lead us to rebalance our perceptions. We can admire them without making ourselves inferior.

If we see someone smaller than us, our experiences also lead us to rebalance our perceptions, whether immediately or later or in another life, another adventure, our perceptions are constantly rebalanced. We walk a few meters in their shoes. We can “not appreciate” someone without making them inferior.

How many times do you realize that you are experiencing what you were judging in another person. Understanding, compassion, frees judgment.
Karma is balance, it is the sign of infinity, what you express to the world comes back. It is what constantly encourages us to express what we love to receive and to treat others as we would like to be treated, whether we are a parent, child, teacher, student, employee, business leader, leader of a nation.

We are free and equal
All of us
Without exception
We are suns
Or the gods
Or members of the same family
No one is more important than you
No one is less important than you
Life loves no one more than you
Life loves no one less than you

They talk about us :
Translation of an article written by Philippe Hannetelle  for the Greek Webmagazine
**Does it work if you don’t believe in healing? 

We do work with the idea that the results of the healing are due, at least in part, to the interaction between the healer and the one being healed, and also to the positive sense of expectancy of both. The consciousness of the person being healed must be open to the idea that the healing can happen. Ideally, they should have a positive sense of expectancy, knowing that something will be different after the healing - but at the least, even if they do not fully believe in the method or the healer, their consciousness should be open to the idea that it is possible for something to be different.

When the person sees the relationship between what was happening in their consciousness and in their body, they should also have the willingness to let go of the attitudes that they recognize have been related to the symptom.

**Do we have the absolute responsibility of what we experience -including our diseases?

Everything happening in our life and everything happening in our body, is the result of what we are doing in our consciousness. If we want something to happen differently for us, we have to change our way of thinking. We take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, and their effects. Then, we're able to do something about it. It´s a responsibility but without the guilt.

**Could you please share with us a word, a phrase or a piece of advice that Brofman gave you and you keep it as a charm?

“There isn’t anything you can’t do – just some things you haven’t yet learned how to do.”

**To what degree do we live consciously and to subconsciously?

In the western psychology, they talk about the conscious and the unconscious or subconscious. If we continue to call some part of our consciousness “unconscious”, it means, we believe things are happening in our life and we don´t know why. We call this part the “Spirit”. It´s the level we each create our reality with the pictures we energize. So, when you work on yourself, we can go beyond the mind and reach this level, making the “unconscious” conscious, and you see the direct connection between the pictures you put in your Spirit and the physical reality you create around you.

Spending time to do this in meditation is a way to develop the habit of living from this place in us. In this way, we are more in touch with who we are, and what our truth is. Healing is a process that helps the person to recognize and return to this level of their being, where they are whole.

**Is it feasible for anybody to meditate?

Yes, no doubt about that, and it´s a way to quiet the mind and to stay focus in the present. When you meditate regularly, it has cumulative effects and you see the effects of that in your daily life, easier to stay centered and focus on what you are doing, without your mind jumping in every direction.

**What does someone have to do in order to heal themselves?

Accept their healing, so it means to accept the transformation process that is implied.

**Why do people not want to change?

It can be for different reasons: resistance to the transformation, attracting love with the symptom are some of the reasons.

**What is the word that all we have to put out of our vocabulary if we desire to see ourselves improving?

I can´t

Success story of the month
- On arrival at the class, I do not wear glasses or lenses since the previous classes, except to drive my car at night, because it remained a little myopia.

- During this weekend class, there were frequent "moments" of clear vision and a much longer duration than the "flashes" that I had noticed previously.

- And when I returned from the class, I noticed how much easier it was to drive my car, without glasses, at night with confidence, even in places I did not usually go to. For the moment, this observation is based on rather short journeys at night, 5-10 kms.


There was also a lot of other awareness during the class and after. This generated a greater acceptance of the views of the "other", the other person, unknown or close, who seemed to disapprove, even accuse or judge me in an unpleasant way. - For example, I accompany with my guitar a choir, and since my return, all the members of the choir support me and encourage me even more than before: The other day, everyone smiled with kindness during an oversight on my part, and the singing continued as if nothing had happened ... AND I noted more ease to play my instrument ... or sing a capella alone, which I dared not do before. Cherry on the cakes, my children (who emigrated to Canada) were there and at the end of the show, congratulated me for having resumed the music after years of interruption, even the grandsons of 7 and 8 years were enthusiastic! : They all covered me with hugs, and ... a huge bouquet of peonies for Mother's Day. And I felt fleeting an old perception where I saw myself as an unworthy mother or grandmother, because "non-compliant" to other women, and I really saw that Love was circulating intensely from them to me as from Me to them.
- Finally, I feel much freer to talk about "my interests", including healing and creativity ... And I know that my eyesight and vision will return to normal, and it motivates me to follow the vision improvement program (from Martin Brofman's book). I also know that this person from my beautiful family, who calls me from time to time about distant facts from the past, this person expresses what she sees in the past, from her point of view, convinced that only her opinion is truth. AND I accept it, I do not argue anymore ... I send them regularly, in the Present, ENERGY and Love, during meditations and relaxations.

A-M J. Switzerland

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