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This month we talk about the second chakra 
and just before Summer, we invite you to let yourself feel your emotions and 
enjoy pleasure of your senses and taste.

Tensions in the second chakra
Second chakra tensions that can result in symptoms include tensions about food, sex, or having children, or a strong emotional shock that the person has had difficulty dealing with that can affect them in these areas. In terms of food, it may be a food addiction, a compulsive need for a particular food, though this is generally related to the symptom associated with the effects of having that food.

Tensions can be about inner conflict and not listening to one’s appetite, but rather trusting an external “authority” about what one should eat. In the area of sexuality, tensions can include inhibitions and tension about what the body is attracted to and conditions the individual finds interesting sexually, and suppressing these responses of their body, rather than acknowledging them and then deciding whether or not to act on them. Ambivalence about having children is related to this chakra as well.

Sexual Dysfunction :

Sexual dysfunction refers to a difficulty experienced by an individual or a couple during any stage of a normal sexual activity, including desire, preference, arousal or orgasm. It can include erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature or delayed ejaculation in men, spasms of the vagina, pain with sexual intercourse, and problems with sexual desire (libido) and response. From the point of view that we each create our reality, the person affected has been keeping him/herself from having sex, and reasons for that may be tensions with his/her partner, in which case the attention held in the solar plexus chakra (anger, conflict) can prevent the attention going to the second chakra. Other possibilities can be root chakra tensions (insecurity, lack of trust) or societal values that may be in conflict with the person’s sexual appetite.

The Inner Cause – Martin Brofman 2013
The sign of the month: Gemini
When working with the idea that everything begins in the consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.
Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.

The sensitivity of Gemini is that they do not like to be overwhelmed with emotion. Thus they often remain in control to avoid impulse or overflow.

A very strong emotional event could be extremely difficult to manage for them because difficult to control. This is why they create several characters, several roles that remain in control and help them hide their true sensitivity.

The stress caused by the accumulation of emotions could be the source of symptoms.
Sexuality talks about what your body is asking for, what it responds to with desire. It is really a question of chemistry between people.
The idea here is to accept what the body is communicating, to allow yourself to feel this chemistry, no matter what you decide to do, to act on them or not.
Some fantasies create desire and do not really need to be experienced in physical reality.
Each of us is different, some are monogamous, others polygamous. Some like to have sex three times a day, others three times a week, others three times a month and others three times a year. There is no standard, as long as you are happy and fulfilled.

There is a great deal of confusion in our society between sexuality and love. Some people only consider listening to their bodies if it is the frame of a relationship and this can be stressful. Indeed, these are two different chakras that can work together or separately. No standard here either, each one lives their truth. Sexuality may fonction along with love or not, just as love does not involve sexuality.

Of course, when in a couple, love and sexuality work together, it's wonderful. However, some make the amalgam and if sexuality weakens, they experience it as a lack of love.

Listen to your body, sometimes it's surprising and you learn something about yourself. After all, your sexuality is part of the definition of who you are.
Sometimes you find yourself with a man or a woman who looks like the statue of David or a fashion model and your body does not respond at all. Another time your body is clearly responding to someone completely unexpected.

With love
Annick :)
Food and sexuality are aspects of consciousness related to the second chakra. Appetite works for both aspects. We respond to certain things and not to others.

We work with the idea that our physical body guides us to what we need through our appetite.

When we block our appetite for one of the two aspects, we may start to compensate with the other aspect. A person not listening to their sexual appetite might tend to compensate with food. And a person not finding satisfaction with food might compensate with sexuality.

When we are in harmony with our appetite, we allow ourselves to be guided by it and we satisfy our needs for food and sexuality in a balanced way.
To be master of our emotions

Before I met the Body-Mirror System, I had often struggled with emotional wounds. I had programs that did not do good to me and they came from the belief I was the victim of a situation. I realized, through working with my consciousness and the idea that everything starts in one's own consciousness, that I decide whether I felt hurt or not about how someone reacts to me. Instead of saying "He/She hurts me, makes me angry or my emotions control me", it made more sense to say, "I decided to feel hurt but I can also decide not to be hurt.

I decided to leave that to the person. I decide what I feel. "Or I decide to be angry with the other or I let myself be controlled by my emotions. But I can also decide to do something else. If our perceptions create our reality, it makes no more sense for me to depend on the judgment or opinions of another. I decided to become master of my emotions. There are always challenges, but I no longer describe them as a problem but as an experience.

And already knowing that I am the one who decides what I feel and no longer the circumstances or the people in my environment, makes it much easier and makes me feel happier and healthier.
Orange Chakra
Among other things the person’s ability to have children is associated with the orange chakra.
Lina, a woman whom I know in Denmark has a daughter. As her daughter was three years old Linas husband one day expressed his heartfelt wish to have another child.

Actually Lina was very happy with her life as it was now. It made great fun to be with their daughter, who was not a baby any longer. They could now go  biking together, meet with friends, where the children could play with each other. Lina was also very engaged in her job as a college teacher, she really didn’t feel the urge to “start over” again with a baby in the family. At the same time she wanted her husband to be happy…

A few months later she felt a pressure in her lower abdomen and was diagnosed with a fibroid of the womb. She went for a surgery for removal of uterus as her medical doctor recommended. 
We can say that her body carried out the tension that was in her consciousness about having children. The effect of the symptom, and the treatment of it, was that she was not able to have more children. Often the effect of a symptom has something to do with the reason for it.

I didn’t hear about Linas dilemma and symptom until after the surgery. This was one of the times in my life, where I wished that I had been able to offer a healing.

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