Subject: Newsletter Body Mirror System of Healing - 2016-Summer

Summer 2016

The Body Mirror System of Healing 
A Vision Workshop

by Martin Brofman
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This Summer our Newsletter is dedicated to love
Terrorists deploy hatred and fear.
Respond by fear and hatred feeds them.
Respond with love, compassion, solidarity neutralizes them.
Love gives confidence.
Love off anger.
Love soothes hearts.
Those affected do not need our anger, our fear and our hatred, they need love.
Take Nice in your arms, take the World in your arms, feel the love fill your heart, feel it spread through your chest, down your arms, out through your hands and fill Nice and Earth with this love.
Love as much as possible, love as many people as possible.
Love, love, love without moderation.
Love is the answer.
We are all one and united.
Life is a mirror reflecting back to you what you are putting out. Be a reflection of what you would like to see in others. If you want love, give love, if you want compassion, give compassion. You get in return, what you give!
Choose the reflection you want to see, daily...
Choose a state of consciousness that is good for you and the others. Be a benevolent being in your thoughts and actions.
Go forth, with love

Annick, Philippe, Anne-Birte, Viola

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  • WE London - 29/10/16 to 30/10/16 - Annick Brofman
  • Intensive level 1 Salesches (France) 09/11/16 To 13/11/16 -  Philippe Hannetelle
  • Intensive Level 1 Nice -  26/12/16 to 30/12/16 - Annick Brofman
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"If you want peace, create love"
Victor Hugo

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