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June 2016

The Body Mirror System of Healing 
A Vision Workshop

by Martin Brofman
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This month, we invite you to See clearly, physical and inner vision
 " You have lost sight of yourself, healing your eyesight is coming back home"
  Martin Brofman
Video of the month
Conference about Healing your Eyesight

Video - healing your eyesight

Martin Brofman talks about your eyesight as being a reflection of how you see the world, and explains the different personalities associated with various eyesight symptoms. He explains how to come back to clear vision.

Next Classes
Intensive Level 2 in Greece
16th of June to 20th 2016
Taught in English by Philippe Hannetelle, with simultaneous translation into Greek.
At Hotel Miramare (
Contact : Vasso Sotiriou -
Following Weekend and Intensive Classes
  • Intensive Level 1 Champex (Swiss) -  14/09/16 to 18/09/16 - Philippe Hannetelle
  • WE London - 29/10/16 to 30/10/16 - Annick Brofman
  • Intensive level 1 Salesches (France) 09/11/16 To 13/11/16 -  Philippe Hannetelle
  • Intensive Level 1 Nice -  26/12/16 to 30/12/16 - Annick Brofman
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Clear vision exists in the present moment.
In the present moment the desire to be elsewhere, the desire to do something else, the desire to be someone else disappear.
Clear vision exists when I am where I dream to be, and that I do what I dream of doing, and when I'm myself and I love myself.
In the present moment, the road is neither long nor short quick or slow. Every moment quietly leading to the next.
I am myself with no need to shine.
With no need to shine, I shine.
Clear vision does not need, it is.

With love
Annick Brofman

Eye to Eye Healings
- Each experience is a meditation for two beings, looking deeply into each other's eyes. It's intended to give you an experience of openness, and contact, and connectedness, and love.
CD Improving your Vision
- Guided meditations for improving your eyesight using relaxation for reprogramming with positive affirmation and visualization and Hatha Yoga eyes excercices.

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Clarity of vision implies a willingness to see what is.

Non-clear vision, described from the point of view that we each create our reality, implies that the person has been keeping themselves from seeing something, or feeling threatened by what is.

Look at the issues in your consciousness that you have not wanted to look at - those for which you say, "It can't be that," or "I don't want to deal with that right now," or "I don't want to look at that."

Let yourself just be

Philippe Hannetelle
Article of the Month
The relationship between eyesight and consciousness, Martin Brofman

Why are our eyes called the windows to our souls? Why do we speak of the way that we “see” the world? Why do we say, “I see”, in order to communicate that we understand? What is the understanding? What is the relationship between our vision, our eyesight, and our way of Being?
Eyesight is not just a physical process involving acuity. It is a multi-dimensional function affecting and affected by our emotional and mental state of Being, and linked to our personalities. That is, each type of vision impairment correlates with specific personality types.
All nearsighted people have something in common in their personalities, and all farsighted people share a particular character trait, and all those with astigmatism are working with a similar issue in their lives.
All kinds of impaired vision represent stressed ways that a person interacts with their environment.
Some say that stress is responsible for all emotional and physical imbalances, and stress reflects how an individual interacts with his or her environment in a way which is not “at ease”. Stress is stored in the physical body in a number of ways, including stress or tension in particular muscles.
We can say, then, that physical tension is emotional or mental tension stored in the physical body, in the muscles. Tension in particular muscles is related to particular emotions and mental states. In other words, where you feel the tension is related to why you feel the tension.
In the case of vision, different visual disorders have been identified with excessive tension in particular extra-ocular muscles (the muscles surrounding the eyeballs), and with particular emotional patterns. To understand this process, let’s look at how it works.

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… You may feel like a weed in a garden, constantly feeling as though you need to defend yourself and your way of Being…
You can also choose to be with those people who do not judge you, but rather appreciate you for who you are. You can then … see that you weren't a weed, but rather just a flower in the wrong garden.

Improve your vision (your inner guide to clearer vision)
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