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May 2016

The Body Mirror System of Healing 
A Vision Workshop

by Martin Brofman
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This month, we chose to speak to you about the passage in the Heart Chakra
 " Love is what remains when there is no judgement of another as less than you, and no expectations, no way in which another must change before they can be loved.
Love has no conditions.
It is unconditional.
Love is a feeling of non-separation, of oneness with."
  Martin Brofman
Meditation « You are a Healer »
Copyright © Martin Brofman 1980
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When you love someone and you are angry at them, it is easy to come back into your heart. It can take a day or an hour or a few minutes or a second because with your loved ones, your motivation force is love, your heart chakra is your home with them.
Think of the person you love the most, it can be your child, your brother, your sister, your mom or dad.
Those with whom you do not care who they vote for, what they eat, what they do. You just love them, unconditionally.
Making your heart chakra your home with humanity is the idea.
The more people you love, the more you love people in the same way you love this special member of you family, the easiest it is to come back into your heart, because love becomes your motivation force with Humanity.
Make everybody and anybody this special member of you family.
Every child is your child.
Every sister becomes your sister.
Every brother becomes your brother.
Every mother is your mom.
Every father is your dad.
Every adult becomes your uncle, or your aunt.
Every old fellow is your grandma, or your grandpa, or your old funny uncle, or your old loving aunt, your Godmother or your Godfather.
Love every and any being like a member of your close family.
Love the most you people you can.
Love people as much as you can.
You can love everybody.
You can love anybody.
Remember, your love is infinite.

With love
Annick Brofman
Love is a feeling of non-separateness, a feeling of oneness. This statement has become very common in the spiritual world, but a so deeply lived unconditional love, I only know in people who inside are also very free to be themselves.
It always begins with ourselves, to love and to accept ourselves as we are, and to replace self-judgment by self-love.
If we live the freedom to be ourselves, then it is easier for us to accept ourselves and others with their differences and to love unconditionally.
When we open more and more our heart, we learn compassion.  It´s not a passive compassion, It's more like an empathic altruism striving to liberate others from their suffering. 
It requires a state of vigilance. As soon as you notice you went back into judgment, do something inside to come back as soon as possible into your heart.

Philippe Hannetelle
Article of the Month
Passage, Martin Brofman

It seems like common knowledge that we are undergoing a global transformation. Because the planetary consciousness is composed of all of the individuals in the group consciousness, we can look at what happens in an individual consciousness during the process of evolution, in order to understand the evolution of our group consciousness.
Your consciousness has seven chakras, and each represents a particular part of your consciousness, and a particular level of perception. Each of the chakras is like a lens through which you choose to interpret events in the outer world. You always have the choice as to whether you will interpret these events through the filter of Security, Sensation, Freedom or Power, Love, Expression or Abundance, Spirit, or Unity.

When you look through a particular filter, or chakra, it’s as though you’re in the center of a bubble colored by that filter, looking out through that bubble, and all information coming in to your consciousness must pass through that filter, defined by your motivations at that time. You may not see the world the way it is, but rather the way you are. It can then seem to you as though your perceptions are reflections of what is universally true, and that everyone you see has their motivations in that same chakra.

When your primary consideration in a particular moment is Security, for example, we can say that you are looking at the world through the Red Chakra. It then seems as though everyone is motivated by Security, or feeling threatened by its lack. You are not necessarily seeing the world the way it is, but rather as you are.

As your motivations change, so does your filter. When your motivation is Acceptance, for example, events in the outer world make sense in another way than they did through the filter of Control.

All day long, you are moving through your chakras, seeing through different filters, depending on what you choose as your motivation in any moment. You always have seven programs playing on your television set, seven different apparent scenarios, and you are always choosing which program to watch at any time.

We can say that one of the chakras is your home. You decide what your home is when you choose your primary motivating force during that period of your life.

From your home, you travel through the other chakras, depending on your motivations in any particular moment, and then you return to your “background” state of consciousness, your home. It is the place where your consciousness stays when there is nothing happening for you in a particular moment that takes your attention to another place.

When you change your primary motivating force in your life, as a process of evolution, you move your home state of consciousness. This always involves a corresponding shift in your perceptions. The move from the solar plexus chakra (Yellow Chakra) to the heart chakra (Green Chakra), however, involves a particularly large shift. For many people, it is as though there is a membrane between those two chakras, and on the physical level, it corresponds to the diaphragm.

When someone is going through the passage through the membrane between the Yellow Chakra and the Green Chakra, they person goes through the perceptual changes that are necessary to open clearer perceptions of love.

When someone decides to move through this membranes, it takes some time for all of their perceptions to be aligned with their decision to evolve. During that time, they recognize more and more the new priorities that are the bases for their decisions. They are also still responding to the conditions in their life that have been stimulated by their deep inner decision.

For someone moving from the Yellow Chakra to the Green Chakra, if they have been living the aspect of control, and are still holding on to control after they have made the decision to evolve to acceptance, they may experience some difficulty. Events in their life will seem to go more and more out of control. It may seem as though the world is coming to an end, and destruction may appear imminent, until they let go of control, and open to acceptance.

Sometimes, to stimulate the opening to acceptance, there may be a shock that obliges them to let go.

Afterwards, seeing life from the new point of view of Acceptance and freedom, the person can realize that their difficulties were the result of the degree to which they had held on to control. They see that in that way, they had created their own discomfort, and their own pain. They will be able to see themselves (as they had been) with compassion, and they will no longer feel the need to defend a way of being that did not work for them, and that in fact no longer exists.

During extreme examples of a difficult passage, the individual may feel as though they are dying, that the world is coming to an end. Although the feeling is real, there is no danger here of mortality. It is simply a perceptual process going on in the consciousness.

From the old bubble, the old filter, there were certain perceptions with which the person had identified himself or herself. They could say, “This is me. I define myself with these perceptions, but I want things to make sense in another way.”

With this desire to change, the person begins the movement out of one reality, toward another. They reach the membrane between the two, where things no longer make sense in the old way, and do not yet make sense in the new way. During that narrow slice of time, during the passage through the energy field we see as the membrane between the two bubbles, the person's perceptions may be those of chaos and confusion, until the entry into the new bubble has begun.

As that happens, new perceptions present themselves, and emerge from the new reality. Things begin to make sense, but in a way different than before. As movement into the new bubble continues, the process continues, and the individual is able to define themselves in terms of their new perceptions, experiencing the process as a rebirth.

These processes of passage can now be seen in the planetary group consciousness, which is composed of the population of human consciousness upon the planet. This group consciousness can be said to have chakras, as can any other consciousness, and can also be said to be going through its evolution, as does every other consciousness.

This group consciousness spends about 2000 years in each chakra, and events in the world are able to reflect the chakra in which the group consciousness finds itself. For the past two thousand years, we have been living the Piscean Age, the age of the solar plexus or Yellow Chakra. Events in the world have been oriented toward power and control, with individual countries concerned only with their own problems, and their own interests. This has led to wars beyond the scale of what had previously existed. We have developed enough power to destroy ourselves, many times over.

When the Being known as Jesus walked the earth two thousand years ago, he represented the aspect of the heart or Green Chakra, which at the time was not at all common. What he saw as he looked around himself was evidence of Yellow Chakra disorders. Leprosy was prevalent, a skin condition in which the face deteriorates. The symptoms, people hiding their faces, imply guilt as the underlying way of being creating the physical condition, and it is then easy to understand the desire on the part of the Being, Jesus, to free humanity from this self-imposed and unnecessary burden.

Now, we have entered what some call the Age of Aquarius, the age of the heart chakra, the Green Chakra, and conditions around us are obliging us to put our attention on Green Chakra perceptions. For example, we have created the disease of AIDS as a condition of our times. While the medical community continues to seek solutions on the physical level for this affliction, the alternative community has been having some success with healing this disease through changing the individual’s perceptions of love.

Nations are now becoming more concerned with global awareness, and our role as a global community. We have become obliged to look beyond national boundaries, and the shocks of past outrages have motivated us to do something different from we had done before.

Recent events in international politics have been demonstrating the effects of this evolution on the global consciousness.

We have become obliged to think more and more beyond individual borders and individual interests, because we have seen the truth that what happens within any one country affects the global community. Some parts of the world have made the evolution, as evidenced by the creation of the European Union. Other parts of the world are still going through the process, as evidenced by what has been known as the Arab Spring and the “Occupy Wall Street” movements, with individuals voicing and demonstrating their displeasure at feeling controlled and by autocratic interests that have not been representing the interests of the group and the individuals in the group consciousness.

There are still some who have not yet made the passage, and whose perceptions have been presenting them with images of global catastrophes, but these can be seen as events designed to stimulate an increasing sense of global community, if it does not happen in a gentler manner.

These perceptions can also be seen as the natural effects of seeing through the filter of the Yellow Chakra, and of course, will give way to new perceptions of global awareness and the necessity of serving each others’ needs in order for our own needs to be served, when seen from the more evolved view of the Green Chakra.

Because this is all happening on a global level, it is happening to more and more individuals within the group consciousness. More and more individuals are making the passage from the Yellow Chakra to the Green Chakra. The more Beings that make this passage, the more effect it has, at an accelerating rate, on the rest of the group consciousness, until the movement is complete, and we are able to function effectively as a global community, its members of whom have found a way to live together harmoniously. Then, the healing will have been complete, and the global consciousness will be functioning will be functioning more as a global family, having evolved to a new level.

Evolution is inevitable.

© 2013 Martin Brofman

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