Subject: This is what a $1.5M book looks like! (Free Copy Enclosed)

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Hello again,

                     Can ONE book really be worth $1.5 MILLION?!

Anyone who knows me knows I like to write Newsletters that explain things in detail!

Today I am going to break from that tradition and ask you to do one thing!

Watch a short video! HERE

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Why Brian?

  • Do you want more money?

  • Do you want your business to grow faster?

  • Do you want more time to do what you want to do?

  • Do you want better health?

  • Do you want better relationships with your partner or family?

Watching that video is your first step to creating any or all of them.

And you can find out how for free, nada, nothing...😁


Russell Brunson recently spent $1.5M on a first-edition book from 1925…

That he says can “change your life!” - And I say the same because it changed mine, and Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Proctor, and millions of others' lives too!

And, he just released a brand new documentary talking about what life-changing advice was contained in this book... 

… and how it can change the trajectory of your life & business forever!

So, don't wait for another second – Watch The Documentary NOW >>

Get It For Free 🙌

This is the best part:

You don't need to pay $1.5M because he's giving you it for free. (Just pay postage) and get a free months membership to the website.

There is literally nothing to lose by watching this video and taking the free month.

I just bought a FULL YEARS membership right away because I love this project so much.

It's something I can be involved in for many years ahead.

To Summarise...

Find out how to access the information in this book for free, get a month's free membership on the website,

Plus, get two UNPUBLISHED books from Napoleon Hill…

For FREE on the documentary page >>

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Have a great week whatever you are up to.



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