Subject: Passive Income Stream Update - TBE

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Hello again,

                     I hope you are having a great start to the week. (Check my socials above if you want to see what I was up to yesterday in my 1985 Ford Capri!)

Otherwise... Back to Passie Income!

How do you turn €1000 into €8000, or €7000 or €6400? 

That's what I have been doing for almost two years with cloud minting and you can too.

Completely Passive, No Recruiting Required!

The best part is you can start with as little as €139 to see how it works and if you are happy go bigger. If not just take your 7x or 6x in rewards and no harm done.

The reward amount you get decreases every two weeks or so, therefore the sooner you get your physica/virtual machine, the better. 😁 (See the chart below).

I got in at 8x two weeks ago, it's 7x today, but drops to 6.9x tomorrow and so on!

Register For Free And Check It Out

It's pretty easy to set up and free to register  HERE 

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It costs nothing to register, check out the website and see the various passive income products on offer. 👍

Virtual minters, phones that mint, hardware devices... Lots of options, and you can even pay by card. (It's a properly regulated business).

Here is a quick chart which shows you the figures based on €1000. *(I have over €52,000 in minters running now, I started with €5k two years ago).

*Remember only do what you won't miss. Start with what you are comfortable with.

Live Event Today In Under Two Hours From Now

Would you like to hear from a real person how this works and ask questions?

🗓 Monday - 16.10.2023

🕔 7:30 PM UK & Ireland 🇬🇧 🇮🇪

🕕 8:30 PM CET 🇪🇺

🕕 8:30 PM South Africa 🇿🇦

🕔 9:30 PM Greece 🇬🇷

🕘 10:30 PM UAE 🇦🇪



ID: 649 114 2566

Passcode: TBE

⚠️N.B. Enter the room 5-10 minutes before with real name + surname.

TBE Explained By Me

Last week, I was asked to explain TBE and minting to someone who had ZERO clue about minting or crypto.

I created a PowerPoint presentation/video to put it in simple language, it is below. Click the image to start the video.

Have a look, as it may explain it better than the official presentation. 😁

If you are a reader, here is the presentation as a PDF!  Click - HERE

That's all for this quick update.

Get in touch if you need any help with anything. I have slots free on my calender which you can find below.

Hav a great week whatever yo are up to.



Brian McGinty

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