Subject: The Ultimate In Passive Income Streams Launching Today

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Hello again,

                     I have been writing these Newsletters for over ten years and I have never been as excited about one as I am today. 😁

Over the past twenty-five years in direct sales, owning businesses and consulting, I have seen something that can change so many lives, so fast, regardless of where they live or their skills.

Let me explain:

You most likely know I have been cloud minting for the past two years with Wewe Global. (I put my funds in, and make approx 10% per month which I compound).

It's part of the Lyoecosystem - They have been running successfully in 150+ countries for 4 years, have 500,000+ customers and are fully regulated and compliant.

The company has a great communication structure and listens to all our feedback and recommendations.

In July this year, they took on board the member's suggestions and put them to a vote.

EG: We suggested a name change, lower entry points, a better website, the ability to pay by card, enhanced commissions etc.

The good news is that the votes were passed and they implemented everything we wanted. 👍

Not only that, but they have gone way beyond what we all expected and it went live today.

The new name is TBE. The Blockchain Era, you can register HERE and check it out.

**If you already had a Wewe account go to that website and click "forgot password" to get in. You don't need to re-register.

It costs nothing to have a look and I know you will be impressed by how easy it is to create safe, passive income. 😁

Key Point for YOU/Customers

  • You can start virtual minting today from as little as €139 which includes the $29 per year membership fee.

  • You can buy a physical minter from €220 + fee which you start getting paid on before it arrives at your home. (See image below) Plug it in, connect wifi and let it run. *Uses very little electricity.

  • You can buy the fantastic Android phone for €770 which can earn you up to €200 per month! (see video below)

  • Pay using a card as this is a fully regulated business.

  • You can earn up to 8X over 3 years. (Previously it was 3.5X)

  • You are paid out daily and can withdraw daily.

This is passive income made super super simple. 🙌

Physical Minting Machines

Want to make extra income on top of the 8X?

If someone wants a super simple home business it doesn't get any easier than this. (Or a multi-million euro global business, it's easily possible with this set up)

The company wants to get to 1M customers quickly and can produce 2500 phones/minters per day to meet demand.

Why is it an easy business to promote?

"Does your phone make you money? No mine does, let me show you how it works". 

or, show someone the little box beside your TV which is making you 8x on your money. It's paying your bills, giving you an extra holiday each year or replacing your full-time income.

You can earn up to 15% on front-line commissions and the comp plan pays up to 72% and has bonuses such as a fully paid villa!

Plus.. and this is the big massive cherry, support is amazing so if you do refer anyone you don't need to worry about answering questions or being their support.

Give someone your link, the link to the telegram support channel and that's basically it, a time freedom referral business. 😁

Getting Started

The company has created a fantastic innovation called "Blockchain ID" which makes doing multiple KYCs a thing of the past! Do it once and that's it!

In simple terms, it means you only need to register on one website and can log into others from there.

As I said, registration is free and you can have a look at all the fantastic products.

Check out the new phone in this short video

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is 

I am buying an €11,000 minting licence and loading it with €22,000 of clfi which will give me 8x on the €22,000 (approx 12% per month by my calculations). Plus for that, I get another phone, hardware machine and other benefits.

*After 1st October it drops to 7X and declines over time which is why I am doing it right away.

Obviously, I have 2+ years of experience dealing with these people, using the products and my trust level is very high.

What is important is that you only do what you feel comfortable about should you choose to go ahead.

In order to show you how easy it is to start I have made a short video showing you how to buy a €110 virtual machine. The principle is the same if you go for a hardware device, phone etc.

  1. Register HERE 

  2. Watch 2-minute video below which shows you how to get a virtual licence/hardware machine/phone (I did say it was easy).

Why Am I Going To Promote This?

Through my Mentoring, I am meeting a lot of people who have no passive income streams or they are looking for a SAFE online business. (90% of what's online is fake, too complicated or too time-consuming).

I teach people how to make safe, passive income so they can enjoy their life! Hence.. 😉

TBE is a vehicle that I personally use, and trust and can recommend to them without worry.

People can use it as a passive customer to earn up to 8X on their money or become a partner and make as much as they need by sharing these great products that anyone can use.

Start with a €110 minter or a phone. If you enjoy it take your rewards and do with them what you wish.

If you enjoy it and tell your friends you can make even more. Hardly a hard sell and everyone knows what a phone is.

Does your phone pay your bills? No, mine does. Let me show you.

From a business point of view, I can mention it to people, they can get on with it with little help from me and the company do all the support anyway.

It in no way affects my own time freedom.

Financially I think the phones especially could go viral and I could end up with a multi-million euro turnover business with relatively little effort.

I'd be plain stupid to miss the opportunity to offer a product many of my readers will want. If I don't tell you about this someone else will.

Biggest Reason Of All

As many of you know I was living in Portugal ten years ago. My wife got very sick, I had to look after her, we had no money, a baby on the way and no way to pay our rent or buy food. There was no social security and the church helped us out.

Last week I took that little girl, Emily, back to where she was born. Just the two of us on a daddy-daughter date so she could see where she started in the world. A far cry from where she lives in comfort now.

That very black cloud in 2013 had a silver lining in that I HAD to learn how to make passive income. I now have many passive income streams and have been financially independent for over four years.

I didn't have to check the flight prices, get time off or ask anyone permission to go. We go where we want when I want and that's the most valuable thing of all. Money can't buy the four days we just had together.


I know there might be one "2013 Brian" reading this newsletter. There might be someone who has lost their job or wants a better future for their kids.

They might just want some more time freedom which, for me, is the ultimate goal.

Hopefully, I can help them avoid all the cr4p that is out there, I've seen it, and get to where I have in a lot less time.

If you have not read my book yet which covers the whole story you can get it via my website, Amazon, Audible Google Play, Spotify, Apple... I have published it everywhere!!

Click HERE to get your copy.

We managed to get this shot using the 5-second timer on my phone. We found an isolated beach to watch the sunset which was really special.

Getting Started

Setting up your TBE account really is easy and €139 will get you going with a virtual minter.

Choose virtual, hardware, phone or all three, whatever you like.

If you have questions I am providing 15-minute discovery calls for anyone who wants help with choosing minting machines, strategies, business building etc.

*As always, none of it is financial advice. I just show people what I do and it's up to them to make their own grown-up decisions.

If you want to speak to me:

1. Register so you can see the back office when we speak - HERE

2. Book a time below or send me a WhatsApp message with your questions.

Just click the link below and choose a time. 👍

If I can't give you the answer, I'll get the answer from one of the management team or country managers.

That's all for today. A pretty long one but I wanted to try and express how good I feel this opportunity is for everyone.



Brian McGinty

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