Subject: Passive Income And Happiness In An App! - Details inside

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Hello again,

                    I hope you are doing well and looking forward to September!

I have not been writing so often as I have been working flat out over the past month creating content for YOUR new app!

Why am I creating an App?

I went from homeless and broke, to financially independent and time-free in a few short years! I managed to achieve that with a wife who couldn't work, a teenager and three kids under five!

I sat in my room, totally depressed and couldn't see a way out of it. Bob Proctor helped me find that path and now it is my duty to help others as he is no longer here.

That's why I became a Living The Legacy Mentor last year and why I am creating this app. It's all part of a long-term project to make a huge difference in many lives.

I also became an expert in creating passive income through necessity and there must be many people out there who would like to learn what I know.

Especially parents of young children who might feel like they are in an endless cycle of work and family with very little time and money to actually enjoy life.

This I am definitely an expert on! 😂

By creating a dedicated app I can keep adding to it and build a "Get a Life" community in the years ahead.

Parents of kids become parents of teenagers, empty nesters, and then become "pensioners" so we can go on this journey together.

One thing I learned after "retiring" in 2020 is that retirement is a mentally bad place to end up and I will never try it again.

I am just glad I found that out at 45 and not 65 like most people.

"We are either growing or dying, there is no retiring".

The app consists of three main parts which I think are essential for the app to work.

1.The Theories Behind Success And Contentment

This section will include my first book in various formats. (I have more in my head).

I am also creating multiple courses based on everything I have learned from people like Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and many more.

EG: I have created one course already on Clearing Limiting beliefs as I became a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner in 2020. (Mainly to help my wife with her illness but it applies to all aspects of our lives).

I am also a Certified Professional Life Coach - 2023, Certified Living The Legacy Mentor - 2022, Tony Robbins Inner Circle member etc.

I believe in lifelong learning and will always seek to advance my own skills and knowledge. As I go through different phases of life I find that different skill sets are required.

My plan is to pass this information on in a way that is easy for everyone to understand!

I created my book as an easy, fast way to digest "Think And Grow Rich" and the reviews have been great.

All future courses I design will be in the same spirit and will be easy to absorb and apply.

2. Practical Ways To Apply The Knowledge  

If knowledge was all we needed the world's universities would be full of millionaire professors.. But they are not! 🤔

Knowledge is useless unless you can apply it to something so I'm going to help with that too.

If someone already has a business they can apply the theory directly to it and I will help them with that.

This information applies to employers, employees, the unemployed and everyone else for that matter.

What if you don't have a business or passive income?

I have spent the past three years identifying and testing easy, reliable, legal, and compliant ways to make passive and semi-passive income.

Passive Income is essential for time freedom and it is achievable for anyone

Between 2013 and 2020 I saw the good the bad, the ugly and very ugly of the online world.

You may have been on that journey too but that doesn't mean we throw the baby out with the bathwater.

One of my strengths now is that I can use my experience to identify which people and companies to work with but, more importantly, which ones to stay away from.

As I write this newsletter I have identified two passive income streams which anyone can do in almost any country.

Both are 4+ years old, one is free to start and the other is around €100. The risk versus reward ratio is very low and neither requires any great skills or knowledge.

I will send you details on the first of these options next week by email so look out for that information. 😁

I am also going to introduce an affiliate element to my own courses so people can share it and earn if they find it useful. This will come a little later when the app is up and running for a while.

  3. In-App Community

Rather than you having to go to various social media channels, send me emails etc, I am creating a community within the app where people can communicate quickly with me and vice versa.

It is my hope that the app can become a one-stop shop for anyone who is looking for more time and financial freedom and easy steps to get there.


So far I have my book uploaded in various formats and the first course completed and added. I now have to submit the app to Google / Android and wait for them to approve it. It could be one week or three, I will keep you informed.

Next week I will be sending you information on the first of the two passive opportunities so get ready for that.

Feedback And Suggestions

Between now and then I would appreciate it if you could reply to this email and tell me what you would like to see in the app.

What information would you like to see in an App?

What do you struggle with that you need help with? EG: Timekeeping, Procrastination, Focus, Motivation, health etc.

What type of income would you like to achieve and in what timeframe?

Do you know of any passive income sources I may not have heard of? Please send me your recommendations and I'll have a look*.

*Must be 2+ years old, regulated and legally compliant.

The more feedback you give me the better service I can give you.

One-To-One Help Is Available From Today

Please remember this newsletter is just a general update where I try to help everyone. I can be much more open and specific on a call with you.

If you want individual help or need individual questions answered I have opened my week to taking 15-minute discovery calls to try and help people with their specific issues.

Book a free one-to-one 15-minute chat with me at

If the times don't suit contact me on Whatsapp at +35679095700

The Start Of A Journey

It is my hope and dream that I can help many people turn their lives around in the years ahead and maybe yours could be one of them. 😁

Have a wonderful week and, as always, get in touch if you have any questions or need any help.

FYI - I am taking my daughter, Emily, on a Daddy-daughter date holiday to Portugal from the 14th to the 17th of September so I won't be available on those dates!

Making individual time for your kids is something I encourage but it's only possible if you have the free time and passive income to do it.

Money isn't the goal, the world is full of miserable rich people, it's Freedom. 😉



Brian McGinty

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