Subject: Re: Two Day Extension Plus Full Passive Income List

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Hi again,

                A quick update for you today including my full list of Passive Income Sources! 😃

I have had a few emails/messages asking for a short extension to the date for the Get a Life App price increase.

**I will therefore delay it until Monday 2nd June at Midnight CET.

It is 100% increasing to $99 per month from then on so if you want to lock in $49 per month set up your subscription before Monday night!

Just go to - 

Other News - Passive Income

As my regular readers will know, Passive income is the gateway to Getting A Life!

I had one semi-passive income stream from 2013 - 2019 which suddenly stopped and that taught me a lesson! 👀

❌put all your 🥚in 1 🧺! 🤣

I now have 2/3 great products I use, like and will happily recommend to anyone and 4 totally passive income streams running. 😎

In total they are brining me in 20-30K per month and I am adding one or two new streams a year. There are not many really good, trustworthy ones out there!

I therefore don't need to write this newsletter and/or promote anything for financial reasons but I do enjoy teaching people what I do and it gives me a great sense of purpose. I do enjoy following the latest tech and learning new things too so it never feels like work.

Start Small And Grow Over Time

I started with a small amount back in 2019 and have just continued to "grow the pot" over time.

Its been 5+ years since I started this system but its flown in.. It's also just 48 months if you want to look at it another way! 😃

It is a simple system that I use and teach.

I earn money/fiat/crypto I turn it into Bitcoin, I put the Bitcoin in Nexo, I can take up to 50% interest free loans on that Bitcoin, (but still keep the full BTC value), and put it to work in other passive income streams. (And investing in real world start ups, low cap crypto coins and classic cars!)

I started from broke and if went broke again today I would just start again and build it up over a year or two.

You can start with $50, the problem is that 90% of people just never start!

As I teach in my book,

"It's not always your fault where you are, but it is your choice if you decide to stay there". 😃

My current passive income streams are:

Nexo Staking - Since 2017 - Totally Passive

Gala Games - Node running - since 2019 - Totally Passive 

WeWe/Kmall - Virtual Minting - Since 2022 - Totally Passive / Optional promoting

Secret/Members Only Club - Investing in New Companies - Since 2023 (Not allowed to advertise/invite only) - Totally Passive

Vyvo Inpersona - Health data mining - Since 2023 - Passive / Optional promoting

Get A Life Membership - Jan 2024 - Some Promoting (My Own Project)

Starting next Monday: 

MVI/SpaceMall - Totally Passive Option / Optional Promoting 

Starting in the next few weeks:

 Living The Legacy - Promoting At First Then Passive.

My personal interest in the last two companies is that I have worked with the owners as a consultant to develop them and bring them to market.

Its taken 1-2 years to get both companies to this point by I think everyone will be impressed when they see what we have built.

What is important is that they are good people with good intentions and good projects.

What Type Of Passive Income Suits You?

Depending on your interests, budget, time, experience and indeed risk tolerance -

Different streams will suit different people.

The best way to find out is to either reply to this Newsletter, send me a WhatsApp on +35679095700 or use the booking calendar at 

This is the direct link -

Have a great weekend!

That's all for this quick update. I'm going to take my six year old Jimmy away for a boys weekend. 👦

I'm in the office today and will be back in on Monday morning again.

All information and contacts as always at

And if you use any of the social media channels below please add me for daily updates and info.

To your success,


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