Subject: RE: Important Price Increase - Please Read

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Hi again,

                 Welcome to the new subscribers this week! 🙌

I've just been finishing off my newly redesigned, "Get A Life" car, (above). It will be hitting the roads of Malta this week! 🏎️

A quick update for you about a price increase happening in four days time and how you can avoid it.

Just before I get to that, I wanted to share that I now have over 160 Get A Life App subscribers who have been keeping me busy with messages and live zooms. 🤗

I have been helping people in lots of areas such as personal coaching, working at home advice, choosing cryptos for the bull run we are now in and how to make passive income from the many sources that I use.

*There are lots of cool things going on at the moment including new product launches for MVI/The Space Mall, Vyvo Inpersona and The LTL Mentorship Program. If you are involved in any of those and need information please get in touch and I'll be happy to update you.

New Get A Life App Users

My social media channels are contributing well but most of the users are coming from the great reviews I am getting for my book on Amazon.

People are enjoying the book and want to get the app to get more information.

I now have 25+ 4 and 5 star reviews which you can read at -

I really am very grateful for these so thank you if you have written any nice comments. 🫂🙏

Here are a few...

📢📢Price Increase on 30th June. ⚠️

So what's this about a price increase?

The App now contains over $3000 in courses and my calendar is getting booked up with calls so its time to increase the cost of the app!

This ensures that I don't spread myself too thin and the cost is relative to the value given. I will continue to add more content every month as usual.

*This increase only applies to new subscribers from 1st June. Existing subscribers are unaffected.

The new monthly subscription will be $99 per month or $999 per year. (Yearly subscribers get two months free and print copies of my books).

Don't Miss Out - 4 Days Left At Current Price

You can still lock in the existing price of $49.99 per month for life or $499 per year.

Even when the app contains $5000 or $10,000 of resources it will still only cost you $49 per month / $499 per year and I promise never to increase your subscription. 🤝

But only if you subscribe in the next four days! ⚠️😉

Getting Started:

  1.  Download the App, (Links below or at )and pay using the in app options. or

  2. Make the payment at , download the app and I will activate your membership manually. (Saves 15%-30% fees to Google/Apple if you do it that way 😂)

*Note: The subscription is monthly/yearly and you can cancel any time you wish. The onus is on my to keep giving you more value than the cost! 😃

What's Included In The Membership?

Everything below plus the one-to-one coaching calls which, in my experience, have provided the best value of everything so far.

I also have access to many courses, and information that I have purchased/acquired over the years that I cannot put in the app but I can share them with people on a one-to-one basis. 😃

I have various passive income businesses to suit all budgets and experience as well as numerous set and forget passive income options I can recommend.

Giving people tailored information has been much more effective than trying to speak to everyone in one newsletter.

I will keep adding a minimum of one new course/resource per month as promised and I am already away ahead of schedule.

*Please keep your ideas, comments and suggestions coming because its your app and your input decides what I will include.

Have a great week!

That's all for this quick update. Please get back to me if you have any questions about the Membership, payments or anything else.

For the first time, I am personally in charge of customer support and I will do everything I can to help you.

I hope that you have a fantastic week ahead and are on track for making your life exactly what you want it to be!

If it is not, then why not try the app, book a call and lets see if we can make it happen. 😎

All information and contacts as always at

And if you use any of the social media channels below please add me for daily updates and info.

To your success,


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