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           Hello again,

                                Brian here, I hope you had a good weekend. 😁 A huge welcome to the many new subscribers this week! πŸ‘‹

Just a quick update today on Inpersona, and why I think everyone should take a serious look at it.

It has quickly become my favourite source of passive income and I believe it could be my first €100k per month income business!

Especially if you get in early! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Let me explain why:

If you have not seen the video click the image below to check it out before reading on. βŒšπŸ‘€

Amazing Tech!

So how do you get involved? 

If you have not downloaded the free app yet you can do that - HERE

If you or anyone you have spoken to are having trouble setting up your app or device just use this step-by-step pdf. HERE

If you are already set up and would like to share it with others just use this web page that I have created. HERE 

If you prefer reading to watching a video, here is the full presentation as a PDF - HERE

The special offer prices are on pages 18, 20 and 23!

My Experience So Far

I have been using my device for a month now and it's better than the Huawei and Samsung watches I had before. I use it mainly for my sleep, football, blood pressure and biometric data.

My wife Emma has the band and she especially loves it for the sleep and energy data as it helps her monitor her existing conditions.

Great data, very extensive and potentially life-saving as AI is constantly monitoring all the data for me and giving me feedback.

It's not just showing me results like other smart devices.

On top of that it has made me an income of over 1000 VSC coins already. Not a fortune yet but the coin has only gone live!

VSC has only launched but it is already available on multiple exchanges for less than $0.02 so it's a good time to stock up!

50% of the entire circulation has already been staked and the burn mechanism will only help the price increase. πŸš€

Apart from my rewards I bought another 23,000 VSC today and will keep adding to my holdings using my commissions.

Based on what I have researched, the company, the product, the business etc I can only see it going one way!

More info on VSC on CMC - HERE

Apple Integration This Week 😯

Wait until people find out about the Apple integration which is imminent!

I don't know of any other blockchain /NFT integration with Apple so this is great news for this ecosystem.

What makes this different to every other Affiliate/Direct Sales/MLM-type business?

I have been in direct sales for over twenty-five years and I have never seen a way to make passive income that doesn't involve the customer having to keep buying.

With Inpersona there are no mandatory subscriptions, autoships etc.

The customer only needs to keep the device on their wrist and you both get paid!

You also get paid on business turnover, you also get paid when customers use their card. Multiple streams of passive income within one ecosystem.

I can't think of any other company or product where this is possible and that is one of many reasons why I think this will go viral very quickly.

Others are:

The devices are top quality. βœ…

Available in 200+ countries right away. βœ…

Product delivered within days WITH the debit card. βœ…

Customers can pay with a card which is unusual for crypto products. βœ…

The card is delivered with the device βœ…

Devices are in no way overpriced like with most affiliate products. βœ…

The devices provide invaluable data. βœ…

Sharing is as easy as asking someone to download an app. βœ…

Millions of Apple users can be onboarded with their own devices shortly. βœ…

The tokenomics of VSC means it can only increase in value. βœ…

The company is being run by successful businesspeople with an extensive track record in tech. βœ…

Support and communication by the companies are excellent. βœ…

I believe it's the first blockchain product that someone with zero crypto knowledge can use and the only way to make money from your heartbeat!

That's all for this quick update.

Go to download the App and see for yourself.

Important - You will need to use the chat box on that website, WhatsApp or reply to this email to get an invitation code from me.

There is nothing more simple than Inpersona and it's the perfect product for my mission at to make people healthier, wealthier and happier. πŸ’“πŸ’ͺπŸ’°

All my passive income streams are now listed at 

Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

Enjoy the rest of your week and speak soon. 🀝😁



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