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                     Nobleman Brian here. 🤔 If you happen to be going to watch "Napoleon" this week I'm hopefully in it if I have made the final cut! (Me above).


I'm going to see it tonight! The crazy things you can get up to when your income is all passive! 🤣🤣

*Please also note - I will not be available next week between Monday and Saturday 6am - 8pm CET.

I have been cast as a Senator in the new Gladiator 2 movie and we are not allowed phones on set! 😯 Feel free to send a message and I'll answer when I am free.

I love being free to do these things I always wanted to and that's what this Newsletter is all about.. Helping you make enough passive income to do whatever you feel like too! 🙏

Re: Your questions.

I had lots of questions about how you can make money from your heartbeat so I thought the best way to answer would be in a video.

It really is as easy as downloading the FREE App! (And asking me for a special code that you put in to activate it).

Customers are already making thousands per month so don't miss this information.

The main two questions were:

Can I use my existing Apple watch? The answer is YES! Because this company has done a deal with Apple. Just link it to the App. 😁👏

Is the app/device/card available in the USA! Again Yes! 200+ countries are open.

The other questions, download links for the App etc are all on the following page.

Get the free app and check out the video at

Once you get started you can start sharing it with your family and friends and give them your own code.

You can even send them to the same website if they want more info.

Simple as that! Wear, Share, Earn.

That's all for this quick update.

There is nothing more simple or lucrative than this and it's perfect for my aim at to make people healthier, wealthier and happier. 💓💪💰

Forgetting about the passive aspect to it, this app could save your life and is like having an Ai doctor on your arm! 🧑‍⚕️🩻 It really is that good!👏

Watch the video and see for yourself why I love this so much.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I am flying to Ireland tomorrow to see my Dad for a few days but will still be online if you need to reach me and get your app code.

Whatsapp is the easiest and fastest - +35679095700.

Enjoy the rest of your week and speak soon. 🤝😁


Senator Brian 🤣🤣🤣

Brian McGinty

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