Subject: Re: Broken link /error fix. Plus pdf copy of my book for you.

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Hello again,

                    A few people messaged me yesterday saying they had some trouble with the link to watch the passive income video! 😐

Most of you didn't, as over 100 people have registered within the first 24 hours! 😯🙌🙌

I did say it was a huge opportunity and it's available worldwide! 🌍

If you missed yesterday's newsletter or the link didn't work here it is again.

*Only nine days left to get the free stuff with my VIP link.  

Here is the long link you can click or copy-paste -

Clicking the image below should work too!

How Does This Link Up With My Book And Help You?

Perfectly! The reason I wrote my book was to give the general public a taste of this information.

Cov1d, wars, social media, inflation etc have made this more important than in any time since the 1930's! (That's why it is a $ 10 billion industry and growing).

That's why I have published my book worldwide on every possible platform including Amazon, Audible, Spotify and many more.

I was broke, down, and depressed in 2013 but I got out of it by using this book, it literally changed my life.

I thrived during cov1d, I don't care about wars or inflation and I'm not worried about anything because I follow the principles I learned.

It just feels like now that everyone is a bit down depressed and broke and I know how to fix it.

It starts with watching the video on that link and/or reading my book.

Help yourself, help others, and earn passive income along the way. Perfect! ✅✅✅

Get My Book For Free

If you go to there are lots of ways to get my book for pennies or free.

I am not trying to make money from it. Sales have already covered the cost so all good!

I just want people to read it and give them a taste of Napoleon Hill and the entire genre of works.

I prefer if you do it like that so you can leave me a review, (which helps the whole project).

If you can't do that then here is a link to my Google drive where you can download it as a free PDF -

Enjoy, and I hope it starts you on the same journey I have been on to passive income, better health, more time and overall happiness. 🙏

That's all for this quick update. Get in touch if you need any help with anything.



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