Subject: New Passive Income Stream - Plus VIP Access For My Readers

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Hello again,

                     I promised you a variety of passive income streams so here is the next one for you to have a look at.

Are you ready for a brilliant, brand-new, safe, secure, long-term passive income stream?

*This is not tech or crypto-related but in the personal development/education field so it fits in with my book/app etc.

The good news about this one is that only a handful of people know about it and you are literally one of the first in the world.

I only know about it because of my contacts via the Think And Grow Rich Movie company and The Napoleon Hill Foundation.

The link below has only gone out to a small group of people and I was lucky enough to get on the list!

I therefore have permission to share this information with you. 😁

Who is behind it?

The company is ten years old and I have personally worked with the owner since 2013. He is a good friend of Tony Robbins, has done $100M in his current business so his credibility in the marketplace is 1000%+

You don't need to worry about negative reviews because there won't be any.

This new product he has developed has been three years in the making and is going live on the 19th of October. 

Key Facts You Need to Know

This will cost you nothing today, you only need to register. I think everyone should register just to get the free VIP offer.

You are getting the same VIP access as me, as you are in my Network.

Only a small number of people have early access to this worldwide and you are one of them. 🌍

The first people who register, (ME/YOU), can get some of the products for free from the 19th! 🙌

I absolutely love the whole set-up and know millions of people will too!

Tens of millions have been spent on this project already!

The product and company are set up to last for decades if not hundreds of years! - Yes, really! (The video explains how).

Open in 200+ countries in territories right away!

Products are already in huge demand and 99% of people don't know they exist yet!

You can earn up to 50% - PASSIVE INCOME! (The video explains how).

You get your own private Facebook group to help you and the best online marketing team in the industry who will show you how to succeed with this.

Anyone can make passive income with this, I'd love to say "Guaranteed" but I won't because I've met some of the 1% 😂

I'm still 99% sure anyone can!

If someone can't make passive income from this, they might as well unsubscribe from my newsletter and go get a normal job. 😂


A. Click this link to watch the 12-minute video which will explain all. HERE

B. Then click the link below the video and register for VIP access.

C. (Optional) Watch the second 19-minute video which goes into more detail. I did and it was fascinating to see how this project will last for decades. 😯

You will then get your own VIP link which you can use to give to your friends/ network and get them the products for free on the 19th.

The biggest opportunity for this will come in the next few months, especially in the next ten days. Don't waste it.

You shouldn't have any questions as the video explained everything...but if you do, I'm sitting here looking out the window and waiting for your calls.

This is a fun, value-filled product/business and I am delighted I get to tell my readers about it before it even goes live.


Got questions?

If you want to know how to get the best out of it, book a call with me below.

I am in the office 7.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday to help you get it moving. Once you do it's another great passive income source.

That's all for this quick update.

Have a wonderful week.



Brian McGinty

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