Subject: RE: Your Questions Answered Plus Dubai Info.

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Hello again,

                    A massive welcome if you are new here.🤝 Lots of new website subscribers, app users and new builders in the various businesses I recommend at  

As always if you have ANY questions on anything send me a WhatsApp at +35679095700 or use the new live chat boxes at ,even an old-fashioned email works too. 😃

Lots to tell you about today so let me get straight to it.

I am happy to be working with 30+ active builders in Inpersona from 15+ countries. Only 185 countries to go!! 🌍🗺️

I've sent out 92 invites, 60 people have downloaded the app and 30 are active as you can see below. That's a 50% conversion rate which is huge in any sales business.

It would be a lot more but I am creating training, videos and lots of marketing materials for these builders in our private telegram group.

EG: I created this for anyone who wants to focus on speaking to Apple Watch users -

Here are my actual screenshots from my app.

Your Questions Answered

Judging by the questions I have had this week lots of people not fully understand everything that this ecosystem gives you access to.

The best way to understand is to watch my video and download it for free from 

Here's the answers to some of the questions if you don't fancy doing that:

It doesn't cost anything to download and set up the app.

The App and devices are available for delivery in 200+ countries right now.

You can pay for all products and services with a debit/credit card as well as crypto.

The app is a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet as well as a payment system for rewards.

If you own an Apple Watch you can bind it to your Apple Watch for $50 including $15 of VSC.

If you do decide to purchase one of the devices you get a brilliant medical-grade device for just $149 that earns you real income every day.

The Biosense band has an in built NFC chip which means you can pay with it and a feature called Biolock which locks your wallet to your Biochemistry.

I'm not interested in the device!

If you don't want to buy a health device you can still buy the staking and take advantage of the VSC at only $0.03. The minimum you can spend is $50 and the maximum you can buy is $3000

I'm not interested in the device or the staking.

You can still build the business without buying a watch or doing staking. The business costs $99 per year.

You can still get the wallet and get access to the Odee debit card. - 

If you know anything about crypto you will know how hard it is to get a crypto card in many countries.

The Odee card is available right now in 170+ countries and you can link it to Stripe, Wert, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

You can also earn when your referrals spend on the card.

I don't know how Vyvo have done it, but they have done it, done it properly and have all the right connections with the right companies!


Best Reason of All?

Anyone who registers directly under me will be able to benefit from the fact that the people I register after them will go under them.

The business works in a straight line so the sooner you get registered the sooner you start to benefit from everyone that joins after.

EG: My son was the first person to register under me and he has benefitted from over $15,000 USD that has been built under him even though he has sponsored no one. He still can earn 3.5% of that even though it was me and others who did the work.

Anyone who knows me from previous companies knows that I will be adding hundreds, if not thousands of users in Inpersona so the sooner you register and get your place the better.

You might decide to do nothing with it for six months or a year but locking in your place early can be a very profitable thing to do.

It's just a matter of downloading the app, and asking me for a code which you can do at 

I Still Have Some Questions.

If you have any questions on anything today, please contact me using the live chat on my websites or WhatsApp at +35679095700.

If you want to book a 15/30 minute call with me, just use the calendar booking form at 

Please be aware that I am going to Dubai on Friday for a weeks holiday and to meet some colleagues from CPC/The Space Mall so if you want to speak to me, do it before Friday 23rd at 11 am CET. ⏱️

I will be back in the office on Monday 4th March at 7.30am CET. 😃

If you want you can follow my Dubai trip on my socials below. ✈️

That's all for this update apart from saying thank you for all your support on my socials, the Get A Life website and app etc.

Lots of people are using the app, website, and recommended businesses to achieve the wealth, health, time and contentment they have been looking for so the project is doing exactly what I wanted it to do!

I'm helping people Get A Life!  😃😃

P.S. 🤫 I'm almost finished writing my second book.. Get A Life! Everything I have learned from all my Mentors over the years in one volume. 📖 I'm looking forward to sharing that with you too.



Brian McGinty

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