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Good day,

                 Brian Here. A huge welcome if you are new this week! Lots of new subscribers coming through from , the App and related websites. 🌍👍

I just wanted to give a quick update on the "Get A Life" App and let you know about some new content I have created.

The app now has over 100 subscribers which is fantastic for the first month - So thank you for that! 🤝

It is still new, evolving and will get bigger and better in the months and years ahead.

Why Did I Create The App?

The point of the App is to help people get a balance between Wealth, Health, Time and Happiness.

I have discovered over the past ten years that there is a clear, proven, scientific way to do it.

I have done rich and miserable, poor and miserable and have worked out that rich and happy is a formula that also involves managing time, health, growth and contribution.

I have the wealth, health and time, this app is helping me grow and contribute to others.

I'm Simply Paying It Forward

Someone "forced" me into reading/listening to "Think And Grow Rich" in 2013. That action has been worth millions to me in monetary terms and priceless in terms of everything else.

I am reading, and listening to courses every day, writing another book, helping people build businesses and creating new courses for the app... This is my growth. 🪴📈

The "Get A Life" App is available in 170+ countries to millions of Apple and Android users so I can contribute to people I will never meet. 🌍

How Can You Get The Best Out Of It:

  • Download it from the links below.

  • Fill in your profile.

  • Watch the welcome video.

  • Read my book or listen to the audiobook.

  • Complete the various courses.

  • Check back regularly as I will create and add new content EVERY month.

That's my promise to my subscribers so they are getting way more value for the $9.99 cost.

Get The App For Free

The App is free to download and everyone who does gets my book and audiobook for free.

I even give a seven-day trial to check everything out.

If you are an active business builder in Inpersona, Xera, Secrets Of Success or The Space Mall you get your $9.99 subscription and full access to all courses for free forever. 😃


Knowing and applying the information in the Get A Life App is 80%+ of your business success which is why I want to give it for FREE to anyone who is taking action! 🤝

If you are building your business and have business builders in your group they can have it for free too. ✅✅

I'm not looking to create income from the App, just success stories. 🏆


   Download the Get A Life App using the links below. 

New Content For February

It is called "Stop Procrastinating - And Move Your Business Forward" and is a short course/book designed to help people solve the procrastination problem that I still suffer with!

I am doing much better now than I have in the past thanks to following the tips and strategies I explain in this short publication.

I hope you enjoy it and get great value from it. 📖👍

*TIP - Download the PDF, email it to your local stationary shop and ask them to print and bind it for you. Should cost around 5 -10 ($€£)


I can only make this app valuable for you and future subscribers if you tell me what you like, what you don't like, what you would like to see etc.

Reply to this newsletter, send me a WhatsApp message at +35679095700 or contact me on my social media.

I do need your help on this so I can give people an app they want to use. 🤝

Reviews Are Vital


If you like what you have seen please go to your app store and write a review. (If you don't please don't! 🤣)

Let me know what you don't like and I'll try to fix it.

More good reviews mean more subscribers and all income from subscriptions will go back into creating more content, courses and marketing like the video below to promote the app.

Promotional Video


The biggest challenge with an app like "Get A Life" is that people "think they don't need it." They think they just need to make money and that will solve everything.

When I was making loads of money in my twenties, looking back I was really unhappy, yet would have laughed at anyone who gave me a "self-help" book.

When I ended up broke in my thirties I was quite rude to the person who encouraged me to read a self-help book.

All I thought I needed was money but the very reason I had none was to do with my mindset.

"I fixed my mindset and the money came"   

Luckily that person persisted and so I will persist in paying forward what I have learned because I know there is someone out there looking for these answers.

Through the Get A Life App I will help them find them. 😃

You can be in the best business, job, career, or opportunity in the world but if your mindset is not right you will just be spinning like a hamster on a wheel and going nowhere.

The Get A Life App will get you off it and get you some traction.

As Bob Proctor said to me once: "If your way isn't working what have you got to lose by trying mine!"

If you want to have a chat about anything I covered today then WhatsApp is the easiest - +356 79095700

or book a call at

That's all for this update and I hope you have a fantastic week ahead.

To your success,


Brian McGinty

Whatsapp +35679095700 

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